Monday, January 22, 2018

Alexis: 'I have joined the biggest club!'

The Manchester United`s new striker Alexis Sanchez is convinced he has made the right choice after accepting Jose Mourinho`s offer and leaving Arsenal. Tonight the deal was concluded, according to which he was exchanged for Henrikh Mkhitaryan.

I`m excited to join the biggest club in the world, Alexis said. `I`ve had a wonderful three-and-a-half years in Arsenal, and I have the positive emotions of this great club and its fans. However, the chance to play at this stadium and work with Jose Mourinho was something I could not deny. I am proud to be the first Chilean to become part of United and I hope to show all fans around the world why this club by soccer livescore so much wanted me.'

Sanchez`s contract with the `balls` expired in the summer, and that also contributed to the deal.

Friday, January 12, 2018

Iniesta: 'Coutinho is not here to retire me!'

The Barcelona captain Andres Iniesta welcomed the transfer of Philippe Coutinho. The 34-year-old Andres does not feel threatened by the technical Brazilian. Coutinho is not here to retire, Spain`s hero in the mix after last night`s game according soccer partners with Celta (5:0).

In Barcelona they have to play the best and Coutinho is among the best - young, talented and here he can keep going. No matter who came, no one can retire or make me leave, he told Onda Cero.

Coutinho has great qualities - fast, combinational, he uses both legs well, creates positions and scores. Here is a perfect place to develop, Iniesta said.

Monday, December 25, 2017

A novice from Premier League bought the Celtic child`s miracle

The newcomer in Premier League Brighton will make an impressive transfer in January 2018, Sky Sports reported. The club according soccer-stats has agreed on Celtic`s child`s miracle - the youth national of France, Musa Dembele. According to the authoritative British media, the `clovers` agreed at a cost of ? 18m, although last week`s Daily Mail was a 30million dollar deal.

Dameel will be the most expensive player in Brighton`s history, and Telefoot has recently ranked sixth among the most prosperous young French players in 2017 - he is lagging behind Kylian Mabe, Anthony Marsial, Ousmane Dembele, Kingsley Commander and MaximLopez.

According to yet unconfirmed information, Celtic will receive a percentage of the future sale of the 21-year-old footballer.

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Mourinho: 'If the title fight is over, I`d rather go on holiday!

The Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho said the Premier League title is still alive, although the city`s rival is already 11 points ahead of his triumph in the derby. The two teams scored victories yesterday evening after the Citizens made it easy with Swansea with 4:0 and the Red Devils overwhelmed Bournemouth with 1:0 and the Portuguese coach admitted that his supporters had shown signs of fatigue. However, Mourinho said the battle for the title ended in May, and he prefers to go on holiday if his team is out of the fight.

The battle ends in May, if it`s over now, then I`d rather go on holiday in Brazil or Los Angeles. Today, we faced a tough opponent in tough conditions, but we did it. It would have been easier if we had scored a second shot then it would have been a much quieter evening. However, I am pleased with the three points. They were resting a day longer, were more fresh both physicall y and mentally because we had a very big game that exhausted our players. Yes, that was a big game adviced by rugby rules and the loss definitely did not help our recovery, but the victories help, Mourinho concluded.

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Aguero: 'I`m happy in Manchester City, this is the best championship!'

The Manchester City striker Sergio Aguero said he was very happy in Manchester City and looks forward to the derby with Manchester United, which is later today. The Argentine described the meeting as `the most important match from soccer dropping odds of the year` and added that he was sure that `citizens` could increase to 11 points in the Premier League. `I feel good, I am very happy here at the club, ` Aguero told Sky Sports.

`In England, football is different from other parts of the world, for example, Spain is much more tactical, as it emphasizes physics and is difficult for any team, but for me it is the perfect championship, the bestin the world, we are going to be the derby, which is the most important game of the year, and I hope we will win and delight the people in Manchester, and I always wanted to thank them for the way they treat me sinceI came to Manchester, `Agu ero said. Aguero is part of Manchester City since 2011.

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Impressive: Cristiano jumps for a victory 500

Christiano Ronaldo`s new old knight of the Golden Ball is on the verge of a new great achievement. If today Real Madrid takes the three points in a home game mentioned by contact with soccer stats against Sevilla, the Portuguese will score a 500th victory in his professional club career. com. Ronaldo has achieved 499 with the teams of Sporting (Lisbon), Manchester United and Real Madrid. His first success dates back to October 7, 2002. In his second match with the Portuguese lions, he congratulates himself with 3:0 on Monterey. A little over 15 years later, he has 26 titles and 24 individual awards in his card. His first win for Manchester United was August 16, 2003 against Bolton. His debut for los blancos is on 29 August 2009 against Deportivo La Coruna. Real won 3:2 and Ronaldo scored his first goal with the white shirt. Only the Royal Club CR7 has 300 wins.

Thursday, December 7, 2017

At last, the real change for good came to Inter

For too long Inter`s typhoons suffered because of the inadequacy and / or reluctance of the club leadership to create a reasonable and ambitious long-term project. As many rulers have learned on their backs in the difficult way in recent years, the constant coaches of coaches in no way help build a strong team. And that is even before we mention the ridiculous buy of players on a conveyor that has become unfortunate in the usual sight of San Siro.
Supporters and journalists have constantly urged and uneducated to change their habits before an irreversible incorporation of failure into the walls of La Pinetina`s structure has taken place. The alternation of the Europa League qualifier and in the middle of the Serie A table can not be called otherwise than as a shame for a global brand like Inter. So when Roberto Mancini decided to leave his post in the pre-season last year, many felt that the club had finally reached its critical point. The truth was that he was y et to dig further down

The experiment with Frank De Bour -;a product of Eric Tohir, ended with a final form of failure, with the coach and team becoming more and more obviously inconsistent with each passing day. The form then rose to Lazio`s former mentor Stefano Piolay, was an injection of adrenaline in the club and the players returned their identity.
Inter wore a wave of euphoria, and a 7:1 shattering of the mighty Atalanta catapulted him back into the LA zone when suddenly a new trouble broke out. Unexplained blue-and-black managed to take just two points from their next eight games from soccer predictions -;a form of fallen, and instead of the Champions League was outside European tournaments. It was the Crazy Inter (Pazza Inter) in its worst kind.
Still, we saw signs of a never-restrained and far more reasonable and balanced club management during the summer transfer window. Meanwhile, others like Paris Saint-Germain, Manchester City and even Milan`s rival Milan, spent irresponsibly over 200m euros in transfers. Because of this spectacular money-throwing, it is becoming increasingly difficult for clubs without unlimited financial resources to find real value players on today`s market. However difficult this challenge is, people like Walter Sabatini and Piero Ausillio have tried and tried to do their job well in this environment.

Inter Milan`s decision to take Luciano Spaleti to be a coach was a significant step in the right direction, given his fantastic work in Roma in the previous 18 months. There, he not only implanted uncut diamonds such as Emerson Palmieri and Antonio Rugidier, helping them build a reputation, but also improved players such as Mohamed Salah, Diego Perrotti and Wojciech Szksny. Likewise, the Tigos of the Nazareths hope Spaleti to help Milan Shrinnyar, Dalbert and Roberto Gallidini reach the next lev el in their development while trying to knock out the champions.
The aforementioned Shrinnyar and Dalbert plus other summer recruits like Matthias Vesino, Borha Valero and Jan Karamo are an accurate indicator of the change in club politics. Sabatini and his colleagues studied everything?