Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Matthaus: `Kroos is not among the greatest footballers, because he has not been a captain of a team!`

The world champion with Germany and winner of the Golden Ball for 1990 Lothar Matthaus explained why the midfielder of the German team and Real Madrid, Toni Kroos is not yet among the top German players.
Interestingly, in the poll of the newspaper `Bild` Kroos got 58% support in the referendum whether he is the greatest German footballer. The consultation was attended by over 50 000 people.
`In the present, he is certainly part of the best and most successful players. And that sent him and in the circle of the big ones. But whether Kroos is in front of Netzer and behind Beckenbauer and Gerd Muller? Or this ranking is backward? It is hard to say it.`, Matthaus commented.
`I would be careful if I have to compare with these players. Because the largest in our history were captains of the clubs and the national team. The captaincy is a sign of leadership mentality. Tony is still quite young. I am sure that he will win more titles.`, added the former coach of Bulgaria.
As it is known, Kroos on Saturday became the first German footballer, who won the Champions League three times. He did it for the first time with Bayern in 2013 and twice with Real Madrid in the last two seasons.

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