Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Capello announced his favorites in the UEFA Champions League

Fabio Capello announced his favorites in the Champions League in this season. He believes the Spanish teams plus Bayern and Juventus have the chances to triumph in this season.
`At the moment I am concentrated on projects that I have on the tv. I`m not completely out from coaching. I had received many offers which I turned down. The last time I coached the national team. To take over a club predicted by www.soccer-stats.org team, you have to get a very tempting proposition.`, said the experienced professional.
`I think Juventus along with Bayern and the Spanish teams are the biggest favorites in UEFA Champions League in this season.`, added the Italian expert.
`Before Balotelli, there is a long and difficult road, but I believe he will go. Mario not once has demonstrated that he has the character of a winner and I am sure that with great determination he will be able to achieve success. The only thing he needs is perseverance.`, said Fabio Capello.

Monday, September 5, 2016

There is a scandal with fixed matches in Spain

A scandal with agreed-upon matches shook the La Liga. The President of Villarreal accused the former coach Marcelino Garcia Toral that the club set the results.
The boss would punt on an expert on 11 August, days before the playoff entry in the Champions League against Monaco. Initially, it was considered that a castling move is prompted by a misunderstanding between the coach and part of the players.
`On this team, decisions shall be taken by the President. Both the good and the bad. I figured that Marcelino must leave because there were some things that I didn`t like.`
`The problem appeared at the end of last season and is associated with honesty. It is not right someone to come to this club and to do things that are against our beliefs. The dismissal was dictated not by the players, or by someone else.`, said Roig.
Suspicions fall on matches from the last round of last season, when ` the yellow submarine` lost with 0:2 against Sporting (Gijon), with which the winners are saved from relegation. Before the duel, Marcelino admitted that the opposing team wants to complete over the line.
After the final predicted by soccer-stats.org whistle, his wife wrote on social networks `The job is done.` with which she further enhanced the impressions about the dark schemes. The expert is an adolescent and former player of the team, and in the period 2003-2005 worked as head coach of `the red-and-white`. The football League bosses have launched an investigation into the charges.