Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Great expectations `paralyze` Pogba and company

The start of a tournament for every team is associated with uncertainty and nervousness. Most teams want in first matches not to win and not to lose. Leaders need more time to get into a rhythm. Generally, the first matches showed exciting and good football.
The host France met a lot of problems with well-organized Romanians but got lucky with a late goal defeated which can have a liberating effect. The French will get better in the next matches. Pogba was replaced as well as Griezmann. For both, it was hard under the pressure of expectations.
England did well in the first half against Russia, but after the break showed less. The team had to search for a second goal vigorously. You can certainly argue a change of Roy Hodgson. On the bench there were the quick strikers such as Jamie Vardi, Marcus Rashford and Daniel Sturridge, who could help a lot in counterattacks in exposed tidal flats are spaces. Rooney needs time to get used to his role in midfield, but can help the team.
After the victory of Wales over Slovakia, the group is open. Gareth Bale won the Champions League with Real Madrid, distinguished from the rest of the class and presence. Wales, however, is more than Bale. Aaron Ramsey (Arsenal), John Allen (Liverpool) or Ben Davis (Tottenham) do not play in random clubs mentioned by soccer stats . They do a great job.

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