Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Kazemiro: `At 150 percent I want to play in the final.`

The Real Madrid midfielder, Kazemiro, did not hide his ambition to play in the final mentioned by soccer stats of the Champions League on Saturday (28 May), when the `white ballet` will face in Milan against its city rival Atletico Madrid.
The Brazilian has enjoyed a serious confidence from the coach Zinedine Zidane and proved to be one of the pleasant surprises in the squad after coaching castling. It is there that even the coach of Atletico Diego Simeone singled him specifically in his comments before the meeting.
`I am very glad about the words of Simeone. I`m trying to stay calm. I know I`m important to the team, but this applies to everyone.`, commented Kazemiro.
`If set prior to the Champions League title in Spain? In principle, I want both, but now choose the Champions League. We are a team that is fighting for all possible trophies, but now the priority is the Champions League.`
`Atletico worries me with every aspect of its game. They have their methods to beat a lot of strong teams to get here. They developed a lot in recent years. They play hard, but with a lot of quality. Atletico has a great football players. The whole team played hard, we have to fight back.`
`I`m going to play in one of the most important matches of my life. Of course I want to play. I want it to 150 percent.`, added the 24-year-old Kazemiro.

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