Monday, February 8, 2016

Van Gaal: `I can`t believe we weren`t better than Chelsea.`

The manager of Manchester United, Louis van Gaal did not hide his frustration from the 1:1 draw against Chelsea in the 25th round of the Premier League. The Dutchman said that his team deserved the success more as his boys have shown more football arguments.
The Red Devils managed to find the result in the 61st minute by Jesse Lingard, who scored a beautiful goal in the door of Thibault Courtois. In the first minute of injury time, however, a collective error in protecting United allow Diego Costa to score for the hosts.
`I feel deep disappointment because we were the better team.`, said van Gaal. `This happens once a game and still manage to win. We had the cleanest situations and we didn`t win.`
`We played a super match until the final predicted by 15 minutes. They held the ball the way we expected. Finally, we had no luck and we got naked in the door. It`s hard to believe. We were not able to pick up our prize.`, added the Dutchman.
`Chelsea made out with long balls and more aggression, but we were obliged to keep the ball and be on the lookout when we defended. You should not kick the ball without a thought in your head. We had a chance for a goal and after catching us, but we haven`t been able to celebrate again. In matches like this you have to live up to your capabilities.` concluded van Gaal.

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