Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Italian expert: `Serie A needs Guardiola.`

Serie A needs a lot of the qualities of a trainer as Pep Guardiola, according to Carlo Mazzone, who was a mentor of this coach to Bayern during his career as a player at Brescia.
Guardiola will replace Bayern with Manchester City in the summer, and Mazzone expects the Spaniard to continue his successes in the Premier League.
The 78-year-old specialist, however, would like to see his old friend to work in Italy someday, where the big clubs via fail to achieve significant successes at international level in recent years.
`I hope Pep to fare well in the Premier League. I know him and I think he will make the right moves. If you can become a coach in Italy? Well, this is a complex question. I haven`t spoken to him for a long time and I don`t want to stick it in the problem, but I would like to send him a message through the media.`, said Carlo Mazzone.
`Pep, you should come to Italy, because we need a success that you`re used to. Roma? It would be the greatest gift I could have. I don`t mean any disrespect to the present coach of as Roma, but everyone knows about our friendship with Guardiola.`, said Mazzone.

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