Monday, February 29, 2016

Zizou also shocked Real with hints for separation

The Real Madrid coach, Zinedine Zidane, said he wouldn`t be surprised if the loss by Atletico Madrid in the city derby at the weekend at a time would cost him his job.
The Frenchman took over the team on January 4 when the President Florentino Perez sacked his predecessor Rafael Benitez because of poor results. The arrival of the legendary French fixed the situation in the first weeks, but then the team again started experiencing difficulties on the ground and everything resonates in this 0:1 from Atletico, which left the `White Ballet` 12 points behind the leader Barcelona in La Liga.
The defeat sparked turmoil in the exclusive club, which started with the infamous statement by Cristiano Ronaldo after the final whistle.
`I have full confidence in our players.`, said the specialist. `I believe that they all support me. Next year we may have to make changes, maybe even a coaching change. Whatever happens, however, we must continue to do our job.`, added the 43-year-old Frenchman.
`I`m not happy with the way the match mentioned by soccer predictions went against Atletico. No and how to be, if we lost. I didn`t like how we played. Right now it is more important to concentrate on the upcoming meetings. The title is not yet a lost cause, it just gets more difficult when you`re missing the points. We will not throw in the towel. It`s tough to lose to Atletico, especially at home, but we have no right to give up.`, added Zizou.

Friday, February 26, 2016

Gary Neville received the support of the owner of Valencia

The head coach of Valencia, Gary Neville, received the full support of the club`s owner, Peter Lim.
According to the information in the Spanish media, Neville is likely to receive a proposal for a new two-year contract after the end of the current season.
Neville stopped the negative series of ten straight games via football live stream without a victory in La Liga with three consecutive success in all tournaments.
`I picked Gary Neville for a head coach not because he`s a good friend of mine, and because he is an excellent coach who happens to be my friend. This should be clear to everyone at the club. When I looked at his candidacy, I saw his incredible potential.`, said Lim.
`He`s the best football analyst in England, his knowledge about football is amazing. That`s why I chose him to head coach because of his knowledge of football and everything to do with football. I`m confident in his ability.`, added the owner of Valencia.
`I`m sure that he can lead the team to success.`, said Peter Lim.
Valencia`s Sporting Director also hinted that the club will offer a new two-year contract to Neville.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Ibrahimovic doesn`t know which team he will continue his career at

Paris Saint-Germain striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic commented on the rumors about his possible departure from the French team after the end of this season.
Ibrahimovic, who last night opened the score in the first eighth-final leg of the Champions League Chelsea /2:1/ said:
`I have to play for three more months. Let`s wait until the end of the contract. It`s too early to think about the future.`
The team who is among the main contenders for Ibrahimovic is Milan /Italy/.
Zlatan Ibrahimovic is leading among the scorers in the French Football Championship with 21 goals scored in 20 games, and has in the asset and 9 scoring passes.

Monday, February 15, 2016

Dirk Kuyt to his teammates in Feyenoord: `Clowns!`

The former Liverpool player Dirk Kuyt was extremely keen to his teammates in their current team Feyenoord. He described them as `clowns` because of a series of losses, including himself in this account.
The Grand from Rotterdam underwent its seventh consecutive loss in the Eredivisie, as now it was against its biggest rival Ajax. The team`s last victory was two months ago with a 3:0 over Heracles, because of weak performance lately, Feyenoord fell behind 20 points from the leader PSV Eindhoven.
`As a captain of this team, I`m already exhausted by the constant losses. The media can write whatever they want, but the responsibility is entirely on us in the team. We have a great coach in the person of Giovanni van Bronckhorst and he daily is giving everything to win.`
`I guarantee you that he is doing everything possible to win fights. Feyenoord players, however, are full of clowns. I include myself in this number.`, said the captain of the Grand from Rotterdam.

Monday, February 8, 2016

Van Gaal: `I can`t believe we weren`t better than Chelsea.`

The manager of Manchester United, Louis van Gaal did not hide his frustration from the 1:1 draw against Chelsea in the 25th round of the Premier League. The Dutchman said that his team deserved the success more as his boys have shown more football arguments.
The Red Devils managed to find the result in the 61st minute by Jesse Lingard, who scored a beautiful goal in the door of Thibault Courtois. In the first minute of injury time, however, a collective error in protecting United allow Diego Costa to score for the hosts.
`I feel deep disappointment because we were the better team.`, said van Gaal. `This happens once a game and still manage to win. We had the cleanest situations and we didn`t win.`
`We played a super match until the final predicted by 15 minutes. They held the ball the way we expected. Finally, we had no luck and we got naked in the door. It`s hard to believe. We were not able to pick up our prize.`, added the Dutchman.
`Chelsea made out with long balls and more aggression, but we were obliged to keep the ball and be on the lookout when we defended. You should not kick the ball without a thought in your head. We had a chance for a goal and after catching us, but we haven`t been able to celebrate again. In matches like this you have to live up to your capabilities.` concluded van Gaal.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Italian expert: `Serie A needs Guardiola.`

Serie A needs a lot of the qualities of a trainer as Pep Guardiola, according to Carlo Mazzone, who was a mentor of this coach to Bayern during his career as a player at Brescia.
Guardiola will replace Bayern with Manchester City in the summer, and Mazzone expects the Spaniard to continue his successes in the Premier League.
The 78-year-old specialist, however, would like to see his old friend to work in Italy someday, where the big clubs via fail to achieve significant successes at international level in recent years.
`I hope Pep to fare well in the Premier League. I know him and I think he will make the right moves. If you can become a coach in Italy? Well, this is a complex question. I haven`t spoken to him for a long time and I don`t want to stick it in the problem, but I would like to send him a message through the media.`, said Carlo Mazzone.
`Pep, you should come to Italy, because we need a success that you`re used to. Roma? It would be the greatest gift I could have. I don`t mean any disrespect to the present coach of as Roma, but everyone knows about our friendship with Guardiola.`, said Mazzone.