Thursday, January 21, 2016

Real Madrid topped the rankings of Deloitte for revenue

The Spanish colossus Real Madrid topped the rankings of the Deloitte `on earnings for the past year` while the local rival FC Barcelona stayed on the second place.
Real recorded revenues amounting to 577 million euros and the Catalans with 16.2 million less.
Real Madrid`s earnings have risen by 5 percent, while Barcelona accounted for 16 percent larger proceeds after treble from last season. Furthermore, by shifting the Catalans the second-place ranking in the titles kind of have high score England-Manchester United, which has reported revenue in the amount of 519.5 million.
The chart may take a totally different kind of more in the next season when it shall enter into force the new record deal for television rights in the Premier League. Currently, England has five teams in the top ten and nine in the top 20.
name, State revenue last year/l

1. Real Madrid Spain 549.5 577
2. Barcelona Spain 484.8 560.8
3. Manchester United England 519.5 518
4. Paris Saint-Germain France 480.8 471.3
5. Bayern Munich Germany 474 487.5
6. Manchester City England 463.5 416.5
7. Arsenal England 435.5 459.3
8. Chelsea England 420 387.9
9. Liverpool England 391.8 305.9
10. Juventus Italy 323.9 279
11. Borussia Dortmund German

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Carles Puyol became a father for the second time

The former Barcelona captain, Carles Puyol, has announced that his mate Vanessa Lorenzo gave him with the second girl.
The second daughter of Puyol and Lorenzo will have the name Maria. The mother and the child are in a perfect condition.
Vanessa Lorenzo gave birth to their first child with Puyol on 24 January last year. The first daughter`s name is Manuela.
Carles Puyol wrote on his page on the social network Twitter: `We are very happy to announce that our second daughter was born. Our family is already with four members. Welcome, Maria!`