Monday, October 12, 2015

Loew: `We are like a boxer.`

Germany`s coach, Joachim Loew made an interesting comparison after the victory of his team 2:1 against Georgia: 'It feels as if we sing the same song. We`re just too sloppy and we think we have reserved space in the big tournaments. This leads to is an anger in the team and a weak game. In the meantime, our opponents are always careful, and know that they can reach a positive result with a counterattack for the entire match. We are like a boxer - giving a hit, but not knocking the opponent down.`
'We won the Group and we can be excited by this fact, but I`m not pleased with the last two games. We have to work hard to restore the shape of this lineup from the World Cup in Brazil last year. However, there is a lot of time at the European Championships and we know that a long preparation may affect the development of a very good team. Purely tactical, there are things to fix.`
'Our style of playing remained unchanged, but just not doing well in some detail. We have to work on them. Certainly it`s not our style to fill up the tank with long balls into the penalty area. It is better to move toward him with combinations. But the European Championship will again meet the teams, which will cause us to play exactly like that.`, said Joachim Loew.
The striker Max Kruse added: 'The match via soccer-stats wasn`t very pleasant to watch. Especially after the equaliser. Georgia had one or two excellent opportunities for a goal and a victory, and we played according to our possibilities. But we won the Group and I hope to be a well-known force at the European Championships.`
The midfielder Toni Kroos does expressed the following opinion: 'I had to make a number of changes in the membership in the development of qualifications and as you can see, not everything went smoothly. But still we did some very good duels.`
The goalkeeper Manuel Neuer was not pleased with the many provisions that let the defense in front of him: 'Today I had to be careful too. The Georgians had so many positions in front of our door like we played against Italy or Spain`.

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