Tuesday, September 8, 2015

PSG: `We could win the Champions League.`

The Brazilian national, Thiago Silva, believes that PSG can win the Champions League this season, because Laurent Blanc has an incredibly strong team.
In the past three years, French rich reach invariably up to 1/4-finals of the tournament, but cannot skip this phase. This summer, however, were drawn to players like Angel di Maria and Kurzava.
`In France only PSG can prevent PSG. We want to win the League as soon as possible in order to concentrate on the Champions League.`
`We are in a group with Real Madrid, who are always favorites. Shakhtar is a tough team and Malmo will play the match mentioned by soccer-stats.org of his life against Zlatan Ibrahimovic. The season started soon and will not be ready at 100%.`
`Definitely it could be our year. Real Madrid, Barcelona and Bayern are always the favorites in Europe, but you have to be careful with Manchester City and United.`, said Silva.

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