Thursday, September 24, 2015

Jose did not comment the punishment of Costa

Chelsea`s manager, Jose Mourinho, did not comment on the punishment of the three games of the Diego Costa.
He announced at the press conference after last night`s game mentioned by betting odds with Walsall, which was won with 3:1 by his team, that if he opens his mouth, it will be ugly.
`Without comment. If I say anything, give some examples, I will be starting one hell of a discussion. Maybe me to punish me, I don`t know. I don`t want something like this, we don`t need. Chelsea lost an important player for three games, the club must not be left without a coach. So I`m going to be meek and quiet.`, said Mourinho.
The Portuguese otherwise remained pleased with the success.
`It was not easy but important victory. We started well and we had a meeting right now in front of him one or two chances to get. When you start the season with poor results, there is no way to lose by such a team. It would be a disaster to lose this match. I am pleased with the result and the performance. We needed this positive outcome for our self-confidence.`, he added.

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