Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Ferguson: 'There were only four players with world class in Manchester United.`

The former manager of Manchester United, Sir Alex Ferguson believes that in his entire career with the Red Devils and so on, he has worked with only four players that were world class.
The Scot`s confession made on the occasion of his new book 'Leading` and according to him the box, which deserves to be rewarded, specifically includes Paul Scholes, Ryan Giggs, Eric Cantona and Cristiano Ronaldo.
'They were making a difference and there is evidence.`, said Sir Alex.
'The younger breed of players like Ryan and Scholes were just fantastic. What distinguishes these two is the duration of their careers. Are there any other players that have played since the Foundation of the Premier League and have held the level demonstrated? There is no one, absolutely no one.`
'Cristiano? He, of course, is just a completed football genius.`
As for Cantona, the distinguished mentor sees it as a catalyst for the success of Manchester United after his arrival in 1992. 'When we bought him, in the same season won the Championship - we owe it to his presence and his ability to create and score goals.`, said Ferguson.
It is curious that Sir Alex does not include in the top category players such as Roy Keane, Rio Ferdinand, David Beckham, Peter Schmeichel and Wayne Rooney. However, the coach admitted he had worked with many great football players, but referred to the four footballers stands out most vividly.

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