Friday, June 12, 2015

Vilmots is going to refuse to Schalke

The searching for the new head coach of Schalke 04 is located at a dead end. After the failure of the No. 1 candidate for the post, Marcus Vajncirl, the team will most likely receive a waiver from his second option Mark Vilmots.
Vilmots is expected to announce his decision after the European qualification between Wales and Belgium on Friday, but according to the German media he is more likely to take on Schalke.
Reason for the hesitation of Vilmots is the open interest of Schalke to Vajncirl, making the Belgian maximum option No 2 in front of the club, which is not like the specialist.
In Schalke, they are not particularly satisfied and of the financial claims of the Vilmots. He wants the 4 million per season, and then the team will have to pay 2 million euros in compensation to Belgian Football Federation. Lack of trainer staffing plans slowed and Schalke.

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