Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Cristiano sold his image rights to Valencia

The superstar of Real Madrid, Cristiano Ronaldo announced that he had sold the rights to his prestigious company, which is owned by Peter Lim - the current boss of Valencia.
The Portuguese international has announced the deal through a message on its official website, where he described the course as a strategy, especially with regard to the Asian market.
'I`m really excited that I will announce my latest agreement with the company Mint Media, owned by my good friend Peter Lim - the businessman from Singapore, which will acquire my image rights.`, explained Ronaldo.
The contract is for six years and does not affect the player`s commitments with his club, and the rights to the image are only for Asia, specified Mint Media communique.
Undoubtedly, the connection between them is made by the agent of the player - Jorge Mendes, who is a personal friend and adviser of Lim.
Namely the rights were the basis of protracted negotiations between Real Madrid and Cristiano at the last renewal of his contract. In 2013 he signed for five more years with 'white ballet` by retaining control with over 50 percent of the rights.

Friday, June 26, 2015

Jovetic is beginning negotiations with the Italian trio

The defender of Manchester City, Stevan Jovetic, will likely continue his career in the Italian Serie A. Next week, the football player`s agent will be in Italy, where he will start negotiations with three teams.
According to the information of the Sky Sports Italia, the Manager of the assailant will lead talks with Juventus, Inter and AC Milan. For the moment, a favorite for the signature of the Jovetic is the 'old lady`, whose team will be leaving from Carlos Tevez.
There is an option for the player to join the team from Torino as a rental for one season, and then to sign a permanent contract.
However, there are other options for Jovetic. Milan`s grandees, Milan and Inter also harbored hopes for a soccer player, as his agent will listen to their proposals before the mere footballer to decide his future.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

A clever move of Real stops Di Maria for "Camp Nou"?

The both leading Catalan newspaper "Sport" and "El Mundo Deportivo" worked down an extramural dispute about Angel Di Maria. In the morning "Sport" wrote that Barcelona wants to test the Argentinian with a possible offer, to see how he would react and if he would depart from Manchester United to pass to "Camp Nou".

Hours later, from "El Mundo Deportivo" countered with their news ,that in the contract of midfielder with the English club analyzed by verified soccer picks has a clause,according which he can not be transferred to the team of Luis Enrique. This has been a special request by Real Madrid in the deal with United a year ago. The "White" decided to use this move , so would not reach a tension among the fans.

For now, the player himself unmoved by such writings does not intend to part with the "Reds".

Monday, June 22, 2015

Sevilla to Liverpool: `You must give 30 million euros.`

Liverpool will have to give 30 million euros if it wants to attract the away goals Sevilla, Carlos Baca. The Colombian striker proved a major transfer target of Reds after the Aston Villa refused to release in less than 45 million.
Baca, who is currently with the national team at the Copa America, fell 28 goals last season and there is an interested in him from a few more clubs analyzed by soccer stats from Europe, including Roma.
Sevilla`s Sporting Director, Monci warned the willing to pay the clause, which is 30 million euros.
`If someone wants Baca, then he will have to pay the clause. He told us that his desire is to stay with us, so I don`t see why that shouldn`t be the case. The contract binds Baca with Sevilla and we want to keep it that way. Will be powerless, however if someone pay clause in his contract.`, said Monci.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Empoli and Naples have agreed for Valdifiori

The President of Empoli Fabrizio Korsi confirmed that has achieved an agreement with Napoli President Aurelio De Laurentiis for the transfer of Mirko Valdifiori.
`Yesterday`s dinner with President Aurelio De Laurentiis of Napoli was beneficial.`, commented Korsi."
`Valdifiori? We have reached an agreement with Napoli. They need to understand and with the player about his conditions.`, added the President of Empoli.
`I`m sure his last choice would be Napoli, where we can run about with Maurizio Sari. De Laurentis likes Valdifiori a lot and is his big fan.`
`Napoli is interested and to our other players. Transfer window but now begins. We`ll see what happens.`, said Fabrizio Korsi.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

The boss of Boca: `Tevez should clarify with Juventus.`

The President of Boca Juniors, Daniel Anhelici, revealed that the family of Carlos Tevez wants to go home in Argentina, but the attacker must first render the situation in Juventus.
Yesterday the boss of Argentinian Grand fly to Chile to meet with the attacker, who really wants to return to his native team.
`We have to be careful, I spoke with him.`, revealed Anhelici.
`He still has a year on his contract with Juventus, which is among the best teams in Italy and I respect it a lot`
`We talked and his family wants to get home after many years abroad. Carlos, however, first have to clarify the situation with Juventus. When he did, Boca will take action.`
`If we can`t do it now, we will wait until next June. We have to drive slowly to not create false expectations. Currently, Carlos thinks only about the national team, and we have more time to talk.`, commented Anhelici.

Friday, June 12, 2015

Vilmots is going to refuse to Schalke

The searching for the new head coach of Schalke 04 is located at a dead end. After the failure of the No. 1 candidate for the post, Marcus Vajncirl, the team will most likely receive a waiver from his second option Mark Vilmots.
Vilmots is expected to announce his decision after the European qualification between Wales and Belgium on Friday, but according to the German media he is more likely to take on Schalke.
Reason for the hesitation of Vilmots is the open interest of Schalke to Vajncirl, making the Belgian maximum option No 2 in front of the club, which is not like the specialist.
In Schalke, they are not particularly satisfied and of the financial claims of the Vilmots. He wants the 4 million per season, and then the team will have to pay 2 million euros in compensation to Belgian Football Federation. Lack of trainer staffing plans slowed and Schalke.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Barca held Dani Alves for two more seasons

The good news for Barcelona pouring one after another. After on Saturday Barca won its fifth title in the Champions League and yesterday presented its new addition Arturo Vidal, today it became clear that Daniel Alves will continue to wear a shirt of the club for two more seasons. The eccentric right defender put his signature under a new contract whose duration is 2 + 1 seasons. So the Brazilian will remain at "Camp Nou" at least until June 30, 2017.

Alves was heralded as a secure leaving after his representatives and the club`s management failed to find common ground and reach understanding on a new deal, but this is already happened. The 32 years old South American, arrived in the capital of Catalonia from Seville in 2008 and for seven seasons has won 19 fantastic trophies .

Following the renewal of the contract of Alves, Luis Enrique has quite rich selection for the right zone of defense. In addition, the current holder, options before him are Martin Montoya, Douglas, and the new signing Vidal. In all likelihood, however, one among Montoya and Douglas will leave the club.
Minutes after the official announcement of the news, the player himself got two videos in his profile, which explained why he re-signed. The message is clear and concise - "I follow my heart and those who love me!".

Monday, June 8, 2015

Fiji 'threw the bomb` at the World Cup for youngsters

Pacific Fiji 'threw the bomb` at the World Cup for youngsters up to 20 years after they defeated Honduras with 3:0 in a group F match of two teams that have three points and the battle for the 2nd place is suspended for the final round.
In another match of the group, the favorite Germany met resistance from Uzbekistan and had 3:0 without to allow to be called a blow to their door. Fiji Islands - an island nation in the South Pacific, played for the first time at any World Cup after winning the Oceania zone qualifiers.
In the beginning, that team was on the 196th place in the FIFA rankings and was destroyed with 1:8 from Germany, but after today`s success will probably continue to the eliminations. Josefu Verevu scored in the 14th minute. Saul Waka doubled their lead on Fiji, and Kevin Alvarez of Honduras scored an own goal in the last minute of the first half.
`We planned to press the opponent since the first minute and really got our idea.`, commented the experienced mentor Frank Farina, who leads the team of Fiji. Farina is a former national coach of Australia, one of the most successful coaches in the region. Football in Fiji is entirely amateur, so the 20-year-old nationals of the country are no exception. Germany was guaranteed a place on the semifinals, after defeating Uzbekistan with 3:0. Mark Stendera made two goals in the 33rd and 85th minutes.
Brazil will also go to the second phase, as there are already six points after their second victory - 2:1 over the rest of the ten man team of Hungary. Nigerians failed to score in the first half, but scored four goals after the break. Godwin scored in the 48th minute, but three later doubled. Kingsley Sokari made the score 3:0 in the 71st minute with a shot off of the penalty box. Nine minutes later, Isaac ended the dispute.
Hungary led with 1:0 in Brazil with the goal of Bence Mervio, but eight minutes later Christian Tamas received two quick yellow cards and left the field. The Brazilians took their advantage of it - Danilo scored in the 50th minute, and Andreas Pereira by the rather controversial penalty kick five minutes before the end of the game formed the twists and turns.

Friday, June 5, 2015

Torpedo Zhodino vs Belshina Bobruisk

The football lineups of Torpedo Zhodino and Belshina Bobruiskare are going to face off against each other in a match of the Premier League of Belarus. Check out our expert soccer forecast by soccer predictions for that upcoming event.
The hosts occupy the 11th position in the provisional standings with an asset of 8 points, 2 wins, 2 draws and 4 losses during the season. Having played 8 games in total, they have a negative goal difference of 7:12. The home team played 4 matches so far, in which there have been 1 win, a draw and 2 losses. These players have made 4 goals and got also 4.
The guests of the Belshina Bobruiskare are the 7th in the standings with an asset of 12 points, achieved after 3 wins, 3 draws and 2 losses during the season. Having played in a total of 8 games there is a positive goal difference of 9:6. The team has played so far in 3 matches, in which there have been 1 win, 1 draw and 1 loss. The team has made 3 hits in the opponent`s door and allowed 3 goals.
In the previous two matches at their stadium, the team of Zhodino has had a 3:0 victory against FC Gomel, and in the latest household managed to reach a draw of 0:0 against Bate Borisov. In its past two games, the team of Belshina Bobruiskare won with 3:1 against the team of the Neman River, and in the previous match away they have achieved a draw of 0:0 against Shakhtar Soligorsk.
In the last 10 matches played between the two teams, the team of Torpedo Zhodino has won3 times, Belshina Bobruiskare has earned 2 wins and in 5 meetings the two teams have shared the points in a total of 14:10 goal difference. In the last five fights in front of their fans vs. Belshina Bobruiskare, the players of Torpedo Zhodino have had a win, 2 draws and 3 defeats.
Our soccer prediction is 1X.