Thursday, December 22, 2016

Icardi: `We have made a big step forward.`

Mauro Icardi said that Inter Milan has made a step forward under the guidance of Stefano Pioli, but added that this should not be thrown away lightly.
`We made a big step forward. We won four games in a row, which is a big advantage for us. The matches by volleyball tipster at the San Siro are better for everyone, but that should not justify us away. We need to show what professionals we are on the pitch.`, said the striker.
Icardi scored two goals against Lazio and is currently the top scorer in Serie A with 14 goals since the start of the season. `Frankly, I have not scored any goals in a few games and I feel like I miss that. If we continue to work like this, then certainly we will have good results in the future.`, added the Argentinian player.
The victory sent Inter only four points away from the team who is on the fourth position. `The most important thing at the moment is after the winter break to not throw away everything good lightly. I hope that we have learned from our mistakes. We are going to play it from a game to a game and we will try to climb in the standings.`, said Icardi.

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