Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Del Bosque: `There is no longer Englsh football.`

The coach of the Spanish national team, Vicente del Bosque, announced that English soccer is no longer available.
The specialist gave an extensive interview to The Guardian, but the question, what comes to mind when you say `English football`, he replied: `There is no longer English football, at least not in its authentic English style.`
`This is due to the mix of different styles, the arrival of a variety of players from abroad. This makes it impossible to maintain the so-called "English football".`
`I guess there are still some quirks in the clubs by soccer stats , in teams that are very English, but the terrain is difficult to guess where he`s from the club.`, said del Bosque.
The purity of each national style is already lost. I don`t think there is a big difference between the different national teams. Maybe I`m missing something, but even the national of England already seems like other teams from the continent.`, said the Spain coach.

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