Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Cisse for the attacks: `I was scared for my son.`

Cisse, who attended the `Stade de France` for the match mentioned by asian bookie France-Germany /2:0/ and he heard the detonation outside, told his impressions about the attacks in Paris.
`I heard the detonation, but for me it wasn`t a big deal. I thought - bombs. These are often bursting at the stadium in Bastia, not to mention the Greek stadiums.`, said Cisse.
When he learned the truth, Cisse got scared and really not for himself, but for his 7-month son, who remained in his apartment, along with a nanny.
And Cisse lives very close to the concert hall `Bataklan`.
`Immediately I called the babysitter and she told me what she was seeing from the window - killed people, running people. The neighborhood was totally blocked, not even tried to get to him. The next day, when we came back home, my first job was to run to my son. Yes, I was afraid, but no one can take away our right to live and think in our way.`, Cisse told.

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