Monday, September 28, 2015

Lewandowski is in the prestigious top 50, but he doesn`t think about records

The striker of Bayern Munich, Robert Lewandowski, entered the top 50 of the best scorers in the Bundesliga after his two goals against Mainz on Saturday. He now has 101 hits in his account and is on the 49th place.
Despite the great pace of a goal after goal, and great football age in which it is situated, he still thinks about the absolute record in this ranking. Currently, the achievement is held by the great Gerd Mueller, who has 365 goals for Bayern in the German Cup.
'I haven`t thought about it, you might even get close to Mueller. I just want to play concentrated and the most out of their abilities, to get as many hits. I`d be happy to do it.`, said Lewandowski.
He is already the 9th among all active players in hits scored in the Bundesliga. It is expected to soon pass some of them, like Miroslav Klose and Mario Gomez, because they no longer exist in Germany.
The top six scorers in the Bundesliga on among current players:

1. Claudio Pizarro - 176 goals (387 matches)
2. Mario Gomez - 138 goals (237 matches)
3. Stefan Kiessling - 136 goals (352 matches)
4. Miroslav Klose - 121 goals (307 matches)
5. Kevin Kuranyi - 111 goals (267 matches)
6. Robert Lewandowski - 101 goals (168 matches)

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