Tuesday, June 16, 2015

The boss of Boca: `Tevez should clarify with Juventus.`

The President of Boca Juniors, Daniel Anhelici, revealed that the family of Carlos Tevez wants to go home in Argentina, but the attacker must first render the situation in Juventus.
Yesterday the boss of Argentinian Grand fly to Chile to meet with the attacker, who really wants to return to his native team.
`We have to be careful, I spoke with him.`, revealed Anhelici.
`He still has a year on his contract with Juventus, which is among the best teams in Italy and I respect it a lot`
`We talked and his family wants to get home after many years abroad. Carlos, however, first have to clarify the situation with Juventus. When he did, Boca will take action.`
`If we can`t do it now, we will wait until next June. We have to drive slowly to not create false expectations. Currently, Carlos thinks only about the national team, and we have more time to talk.`, commented Anhelici.

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