Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Swansea boss is going to Argentina for negotiations with Bielsa

The boss of Swansea, Hugh Jenkins, is expected to travel to Argentina for talks with Marcelo Bielsa, The Guardian reported.
The famous specialist has emerged as the number one candidate for the successor to the post of manager Gary Monk.
Bielsa is without a team from the month of August, when he left Marseille.
Minus for him, in this case, is that he doesn`t speak English and has never led a British team.
Two more Argentinians are options for the job in the Wales team. These are the former Chile coach Jorge Sampaoli and Gustavo Poiet, of whom however AEK announced that he remains at the helm of the team until the summer.

Friday, December 11, 2015

Cristiano Ronaldo became a hotelier

The star of Real Madrid, Cristiano Ronaldo, will be embarking on the hotel business. He will sign a contract with Pestana, whose owner is one of the wealthiest Portuguese.
Dionysus Pestana, who owns many hotels has signed an investment agreement with Cristiano Ronaldo. The news was confirmed by a spokesman for the hotel tycoon before the agency EFE.
Dionysus Pestana and Cristiano Ronaldo have a project for the construction of the hotel complex.
The draft will be held on 17 December in Lisbon.
The new hotel complex will have to be built in the capital of Madeira - Funchal, which is the birthplace of Cristiano Ronaldo.

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Dynamo Kyiv vs Maccabi Tel Aviv

Dynamo Kiev have a unique chance to advance to the next phase of the Champions League, in the event that a defeat in this meeting, the Israeli team Maccabi Tel Aviv. Here is our football forecast for you.
This option will surely appeal to Ukrainians, and that`s why we will see a real victory for them. For 16 consecutive years, Dynamo Kiev failed to skip the group stage of the most commercial football tournament, and if they succeed on Wednesday, then it literally will be a new page in their history.
The players of Sergei Rebrov made 5 consecutive wins in all competitions, and in their last appearance of the Ukraine Premier League in Friday, the team made 6:0 against Metallist, and can boast only one run in the last five games.
The last serious achievement of Dynamo Kiev in the tournament analyzed by soccer-stats.org dates back to the 1998-1999 season, when the team reached the semi-finals.
For the visiting Maccabi Tel Aviv, we have nothing to say, except that the greatest achievement of the team so far in the groups was a single goal in their defeat by Porto, courtesy of a penalty shot by Marian Zahavi.
The team failed to win a single point until such time as it is probably their only remaining chance to be repaired. Maccabi Tel Aviv won the only team statistics and in groups, which has lost all five games so far.
Out of the Champions League, in their country they are performing well as they won seven of the last nine meetings. In the personnel plan, we will not see the defender Ben Haim, as well as the half Dejan Radonjic.
As we said befre, Dynamo Kiev is not entitled to make any mistakes in this match and hardly will let Maccabi to stop them in their most important game.
Our football prediction is 1.

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Ze Roberto won a trophy in the age of 41

The former Brazilian international Ze Roberto could boast that he had won the Cup in the age of 41 years.
The two-time world champion was captain of Palmeiras, who won the trophy for the third time in the history after wins with Santos and success in the shootout. Palmeiras won at home with 2:1, and after the defeat with 0:1, there was a penalty shootout and Palmeiras triumphed with the trophy.
Ze Roberto scored the first penalty kick at the 11-meter and managed to become a crucial figure in the derby.
The striker Dudu scored two goals for Palmeiras in the 56-s and in 85 minutes into the Allianz Parque, but Santos back one hit in the 88th minute through Ricardo Oliveira and sent the match to a shootout.
The level in the Brazilian football is getting lower with each passing year, and participation in the games analyzed by soccer picks of the Veterans around 40 years ago has become a common practice.
As it is known, Ze Roberto was wearing the Real Madrid t-shirt as well as that of Bayer Leverkusen, Bayern Munich and Hamburger SV.
In the ranks of the Bavarian colossus he played some of the most memorable games analyzed by soccer picks and lasted two periods in Munich - since 2002 to 2006 and since 2007 to 2009.

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Messi: `Cristiano is deservedly among the finalist for the Golden Ball.`

The star of Barcelona, Lionel Messi said that Cristiano Ronaldo deserved to be among the three finalists for the Golden Ball.
`I am happy that I found a place again among the three nominees for the Golden Ball. I will go again to the gala dinner in Zurich. I am happy that Neymar will be with me. Luis Suarez also deserved to be among the final via soccer-stats.org three, but Cristiano Ronaldo also deserved to fall among the three finalists.`, said the Argentinian.
Messi received the award for the best football player in La Liga last season. In addition, he was the best striker in La Liga for the seventh time.
`Many thanks for both awards. I think after that trophies won last season we deserve these prizes, and we could get the accolades and some other categories. I`m very happy.`, continued the star of Barcelona.
`Our next goal is to win the World Club Championship. It is very important for us.`, said Lionel Messi.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Barca is with new records and after last night`s rout over Roma

In the recent seasons, either Barcelona or the club`s big star Leo Messi continuously recorded in the books of records in football because of their great form. Last night`s rout over Roma in the Champions League does not make an exception, even though the Argentinian this time there were only indirectly involved.
With six goals in the door of Wolves, the Catalans have become the most effective team in the history of European football. Over the years, the players of the Blaugranas have scored 1029 hits which is even more than those of their eternal rival, Real Madrid.
`White` can catch up tonight in the match from soccer stats with Shakhtar Donetsk in the Champions League, but will have to sign their names at least three times. So far, they have a total of 1026 hits.
Far back after the Spanish grandees are Bayern with 848, Juventus with 757, Anderlecht with 640, Benfica with 636, etc. All these teams participate this season in European football, so they can improve your performance.

Monday, November 23, 2015

Lahm: `If Pep leaves, then Bayern will have another great coach.`

The captain of Bayern Munich, Philipp Lahm, doesn`t seem very troubled by the situation surrounding the new contract of the coach, Josep Guardiola. The Spaniard contract expires at the end of the season, and so far they haven`t led calls for the continuation.
This causes a constant noise around the 44-year-old specialist who is highly desired by Manchester City. The Spaniard looks will give the Bavarians to a third consecutive title by 2013, when took over the helm of the German Grand.
`If Guardiola leaves, then we`ll take another great coach.`, said Lahm. `We just have to wait and see how the situation will develop.`
Lamm himself also has to think about his future as his contract with the club expires in the summer of 2018. The 32-year-old footballer has already announced he will then put the end of his career, but has not yet decided what career will continue. `I haven`t spoken to Bayern, but certainly I`m not going to play beyond 2018. I can work either in the club or in the German Football Federation. I had 10 wonderful years in the national team. So it is possible. I do not wish, however, to work at other clubs mentioned by soccer-stats .`, added Lahm.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Cisse for the attacks: `I was scared for my son.`

Cisse, who attended the `Stade de France` for the match mentioned by asian bookie France-Germany /2:0/ and he heard the detonation outside, told his impressions about the attacks in Paris.
`I heard the detonation, but for me it wasn`t a big deal. I thought - bombs. These are often bursting at the stadium in Bastia, not to mention the Greek stadiums.`, said Cisse.
When he learned the truth, Cisse got scared and really not for himself, but for his 7-month son, who remained in his apartment, along with a nanny.
And Cisse lives very close to the concert hall `Bataklan`.
`Immediately I called the babysitter and she told me what she was seeing from the window - killed people, running people. The neighborhood was totally blocked, not even tried to get to him. The next day, when we came back home, my first job was to run to my son. Yes, I was afraid, but no one can take away our right to live and think in our way.`, Cisse told.

Friday, November 13, 2015

Andre Schubert received a permanent contract at Gladbach

Schubert was appointed head coach of Borussia Monchengladbach with a contract until the summer of 2017, said the leadership of the German football club. He took a temporary post at the end of September by dismissals Lucien Favre, but a strong winning streak the team persuaded the directors to reward him with a permanent contract.
The 44-year-old Schubert, who coached the team to 23 years at Borussia, took a representative team after losses in the first five rounds of the Bundesliga. Under his leadership, the team won their next six fights and ends in a draw in the final from soccer picks to climb to sixth place in the top division of the German Football Championship.
`With their work over the past six weeks and the results convince us that Andre deserves to be coach of this team. We used to have talks with him over the last few days and we reached agreement on a contract. Borussia is in safe hands.`, said the team`s sporting director, Max Eberl.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Del Bosque: `There is no longer Englsh football.`

The coach of the Spanish national team, Vicente del Bosque, announced that English soccer is no longer available.
The specialist gave an extensive interview to The Guardian, but the question, what comes to mind when you say `English football`, he replied: `There is no longer English football, at least not in its authentic English style.`
`This is due to the mix of different styles, the arrival of a variety of players from abroad. This makes it impossible to maintain the so-called "English football".`
`I guess there are still some quirks in the clubs by soccer stats , in teams that are very English, but the terrain is difficult to guess where he`s from the club.`, said del Bosque.
The purity of each national style is already lost. I don`t think there is a big difference between the different national teams. Maybe I`m missing something, but even the national of England already seems like other teams from the continent.`, said the Spain coach.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Nacho: `The goal was to win and to qualify.`

The Real Madrid footballer, Nacho said after the game analyzed by soccer-stats with PSG, who finished with success for the Royal Club of 1:0, that the purpose of the `white` was to win and to qualify for the next phase.
It is recalled that the only goal for the success was precisely the case of Nacho, and after the match, Real has established itself in the first place with 10 points two rounds before the end of the group stage.
`It was an important goal. I am pleased with the staff, which I noted, but not by the match.`, Nacho began.
`Our goal was to win and to qualify. We wanted to make a good game analyzed by soccer-stats against a tough rival.`, added the player.
`To be honest, when I made a hit, my goal was not to get in the door. But it ended up there.`, explained for finale Nacho.

Friday, October 30, 2015

Benzema was again caught driving without a license

The Spanish police busted again Real Madrid attacker Karim Benzema to drive without a license, radio Cadena Ser reported.
The French international left the restaurant had dinner with some friends. At the moment, he has not driving rights and has submitted a document which appears to be a provisional authorisation for driving a car.
The police, however, were not convinced and he is not allowed to drive cars.
He is not in custody, but the authorities concerned are informed about what happened. Benzema was twice caught driving without a license - on 15 March and 20 May this year. The first case was fined 18,000 euros.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Official: Bologna sacked Delio Rossi.

The management of Bologna confirmed the sacking of the coach Delio Rossi.
`Rosoblu` made extremely poor start to the season in Serie A, taking only six points from their first 10 meetings. The last match brought a loss against Inter with 0:1.
The most likely replacement for Rossi will be Roberto Donadoni, who was without a team since his former team Parma went bankrupt.
`The football club adviced by soccer predictions Bologna announced that the coach of the first team`s Delio Rossi is dismissed.`, they said from the club. `He`s leaving with heartfelt thanks for your professionalism and competence. The club adviced by soccer predictions wishes him and his staff the best of luck in his career.`
Rossi is the second coach from the Calcio, who was fired by the start of the season. Earlier Carpi released Fabrizio Castori.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Barca is looking for two new signings in January

Barcelona is not giving up on the idea to attract the two new signings in the January transfer window, despite the limited financial possibilities.
The sport-technical staff is looking for various options to strengthen the team in the winter and to find replacements of Pedro Rodriguez and the injured Rafinha Alcantara.
The senior coach of Barcelona, Luis Enrique is demanding mandatory for at least one new addition but Arda Turan and Aleis Vidal, which will be filed by January 1.
Enrique currently works with extremely short stock, and the main reason for this are the many injured players.
Priority objective of the coach of Catalans is a team to be taken forward to allow for an alternative to Luis Suarez, Lionel Messi and Neymar in the assault. After the departure of Pedro options in attack ahead of Enrique literally were kept to a minimum and at the moment he can rely solely on adolescents Munir El Hadadi and Sandro Ramirez.

Monday, October 12, 2015

Loew: `We are like a boxer.`

Germany`s coach, Joachim Loew made an interesting comparison after the victory of his team 2:1 against Georgia: 'It feels as if we sing the same song. We`re just too sloppy and we think we have reserved space in the big tournaments. This leads to is an anger in the team and a weak game. In the meantime, our opponents are always careful, and know that they can reach a positive result with a counterattack for the entire match. We are like a boxer - giving a hit, but not knocking the opponent down.`
'We won the Group and we can be excited by this fact, but I`m not pleased with the last two games. We have to work hard to restore the shape of this lineup from the World Cup in Brazil last year. However, there is a lot of time at the European Championships and we know that a long preparation may affect the development of a very good team. Purely tactical, there are things to fix.`
'Our style of playing remained unchanged, but just not doing well in some detail. We have to work on them. Certainly it`s not our style to fill up the tank with long balls into the penalty area. It is better to move toward him with combinations. But the European Championship will again meet the teams, which will cause us to play exactly like that.`, said Joachim Loew.
The striker Max Kruse added: 'The match via soccer-stats wasn`t very pleasant to watch. Especially after the equaliser. Georgia had one or two excellent opportunities for a goal and a victory, and we played according to our possibilities. But we won the Group and I hope to be a well-known force at the European Championships.`
The midfielder Toni Kroos does expressed the following opinion: 'I had to make a number of changes in the membership in the development of qualifications and as you can see, not everything went smoothly. But still we did some very good duels.`
The goalkeeper Manuel Neuer was not pleased with the many provisions that let the defense in front of him: 'Today I had to be careful too. The Georgians had so many positions in front of our door like we played against Italy or Spain`.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Cesc Fabregas set the favorites in UEFA Champions League

The midfielder of Chelsea, Cesc Fabregas laid the favorites for the trophy in the Champions League.
`Four or five years until the last stages in the Champions League there have been a lot of English teams. Now it`s complicated because in the Premier League competition it is huge compared to the other leagues via soccer predictions in Europe. This talk on the basis of the experience that I got from both of England and Spain. But the best players are gathered in Real Madrid and Barcelona. Bayern also has an advantage because it has the ability to amplify the composition during the winter transfer window.`, said the quarterback.
`I think the favorites for the trophy in the Champions League are Real Madrid and Bayern Munich, and after them ranks Bayern Munich.`, he added.

Monday, September 28, 2015

Lewandowski is in the prestigious top 50, but he doesn`t think about records

The striker of Bayern Munich, Robert Lewandowski, entered the top 50 of the best scorers in the Bundesliga after his two goals against Mainz on Saturday. He now has 101 hits in his account and is on the 49th place.
Despite the great pace of a goal after goal, and great football age in which it is situated, he still thinks about the absolute record in this ranking. Currently, the achievement is held by the great Gerd Mueller, who has 365 goals for Bayern in the German Cup.
'I haven`t thought about it, you might even get close to Mueller. I just want to play concentrated and the most out of their abilities, to get as many hits. I`d be happy to do it.`, said Lewandowski.
He is already the 9th among all active players in hits scored in the Bundesliga. It is expected to soon pass some of them, like Miroslav Klose and Mario Gomez, because they no longer exist in Germany.
The top six scorers in the Bundesliga on among current players:

1. Claudio Pizarro - 176 goals (387 matches)
2. Mario Gomez - 138 goals (237 matches)
3. Stefan Kiessling - 136 goals (352 matches)
4. Miroslav Klose - 121 goals (307 matches)
5. Kevin Kuranyi - 111 goals (267 matches)
6. Robert Lewandowski - 101 goals (168 matches)

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Jose did not comment the punishment of Costa

Chelsea`s manager, Jose Mourinho, did not comment on the punishment of the three games of the Diego Costa.
He announced at the press conference after last night`s game mentioned by betting odds with Walsall, which was won with 3:1 by his team, that if he opens his mouth, it will be ugly.
`Without comment. If I say anything, give some examples, I will be starting one hell of a discussion. Maybe me to punish me, I don`t know. I don`t want something like this, we don`t need. Chelsea lost an important player for three games, the club must not be left without a coach. So I`m going to be meek and quiet.`, said Mourinho.
The Portuguese otherwise remained pleased with the success.
`It was not easy but important victory. We started well and we had a meeting right now in front of him one or two chances to get. When you start the season with poor results, there is no way to lose by such a team. It would be a disaster to lose this match. I am pleased with the result and the performance. We needed this positive outcome for our self-confidence.`, he added.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Ferguson: 'There were only four players with world class in Manchester United.`

The former manager of Manchester United, Sir Alex Ferguson believes that in his entire career with the Red Devils and so on, he has worked with only four players that were world class.
The Scot`s confession made on the occasion of his new book 'Leading` and according to him the box, which deserves to be rewarded, specifically includes Paul Scholes, Ryan Giggs, Eric Cantona and Cristiano Ronaldo.
'They were making a difference and there is evidence.`, said Sir Alex.
'The younger breed of players like Ryan and Scholes were just fantastic. What distinguishes these two is the duration of their careers. Are there any other players that have played since the Foundation of the Premier League and have held the level demonstrated? There is no one, absolutely no one.`
'Cristiano? He, of course, is just a completed football genius.`
As for Cantona, the distinguished mentor sees it as a catalyst for the success of Manchester United after his arrival in 1992. 'When we bought him, in the same season won the Championship - we owe it to his presence and his ability to create and score goals.`, said Ferguson.
It is curious that Sir Alex does not include in the top category players such as Roy Keane, Rio Ferdinand, David Beckham, Peter Schmeichel and Wayne Rooney. However, the coach admitted he had worked with many great football players, but referred to the four footballers stands out most vividly.

Friday, September 18, 2015

Getafe vs Malaga

The football teams of Getafe and Malaga are about to go against each other in a match of this Championship of La Liga of Spain. Check out our expert football tips via soccer predictions .
The players of the home team are the 20th in the interim arrangement without a point, after three consecutive defeats since the start of the new football championship. Having played three matches in general, they have a negative goal difference of 2:6. At home, the team has played a match which ended with a loss, at 1:2 goal difference.
The guests from Malaga are the 15th in the interim arrangement with a total asset of 2 points after two draws and one loss since the beginning of the League, as it has not made a single win up to now. The three meetings played ended in a negative goal difference of 0:1. Away from home, the team has played a match in which there has been a loss with no goals scored and one allowed.
In the last two home games, the team of Getafe had a draw of 1:1 against the team of Eibar and made a 1:2 defeat against Granada. In the last two matches, the team of Malaga achieved a victory with 3:1 against Union San Felipe Montevideo, and in the recent visit it lost with 0:1 against team of Barcelona.
In the last 10 meetings between these two teams played, the team of Getafe has achieved success 3 times, Malaga won 6 times and one duel has finished in a draw, at a total goal difference of 11:15. In the last 5 meetings at home against Malaga, the hosts of El Slums have achieved 3 wins and 2 defeats. Our football forecast is 1X.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Barca is expecting a record revenue of 633 million euros

Barcelona is expecting a record revenue from 633 million in the current season. The club analyzed by live stream leadership approved the first reading of the budget for the current season 2015/16.
At the same time the Catalans reported a profit of 20.2 million for last season.
Officially, the new budget of Barcelona and the parameters of it will be voted on at the General Assembly of the club, which will be held on 24 and 25 October.
Meanwhile, the last meeting of the directors became official the names of new chiefs at the club: Francesco Calvo is the new advertising director, Arnaud Trabesinger is the new director at the American headquarters of the club, and Pancho Schroeder takes over the functions of the Director corporate zone.
The most important task will be of Francesco Calvo, who will have to optimize the sales of Barcelona in Asia and the United States.
Calvo has experience of working in the sales department at Juventus.

Monday, September 14, 2015

Atletico Madrid is the favourite `victim` of Neymar

Neymar scored a goal of Atletico Madrid in Barcelona`s victory with a 2:1 in `Vicente Calderon` in a match adviced by soccer-stats.org from the third round of the Primera Division.
The Brazilian scored an extremely important equalizer in the 55th minute after a foul on performances.
So Neymar already has had 6 goals in Atletico Madrid`s door within two seasons.
He signed in every tournament in which he played against the team from `Vicente Calderon`. Back in August 2013 has taken a hit in Madrid to a 1:1 draw for the Supercup of Spain, who helped Barca to win the title.
A few months later, his goal came in the match adviced by soccer-stats.org of 1/4 finals of the Champions League, which, however, failed to help his team to eliminate patronage.
During the last campaign, Neymar scored new 3 hits in the door of Atletico. It happened in January, having scored in the first match adviced by soccer-stats.org of the Championship with a 3:1 success, then scored twice in a 3:2 success in the tournament for the Cup of the King.

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Insinie: `It is great to watch Juve suffer.`

The Napoli midfielder Lorenzo Insinie said he was `satisfied` by the nightmarish form of Juventus from the start of the season in the Serie A. The Bianconeri lost both of the matches from soccer-stats so far.
`As a fan of Napoli, I`m pleased to see the team of Juventus at the bottom of the standings.`, commented Insinie.
`There`s always a rivalry with them. As a football player, I would say, however, that it is still too early for evaluations. They started badly, but they have great players who can help them to recover. As a fan of Napoli hope to remain where they are at the moment.`, said the midfielder of Napoli.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

PSG: `We could win the Champions League.`

The Brazilian national, Thiago Silva, believes that PSG can win the Champions League this season, because Laurent Blanc has an incredibly strong team.
In the past three years, French rich reach invariably up to 1/4-finals of the tournament, but cannot skip this phase. This summer, however, were drawn to players like Angel di Maria and Kurzava.
`In France only PSG can prevent PSG. We want to win the League as soon as possible in order to concentrate on the Champions League.`
`We are in a group with Real Madrid, who are always favorites. Shakhtar is a tough team and Malmo will play the match mentioned by soccer-stats.org of his life against Zlatan Ibrahimovic. The season started soon and will not be ready at 100%.`
`Definitely it could be our year. Real Madrid, Barcelona and Bayern are always the favorites in Europe, but you have to be careful with Manchester City and United.`, said Silva.

Friday, September 4, 2015

Wawrinka continues after 3 tiebreak sets

The No5 in the main draw Stan Vivrinka had to walk a difficult path, but finally succeeded to qualify for the third round of the US Open. The Swiss won with 7:6 (2), 7:6 (4), 7:6 (6) over the teenager from Korea - Chung Heyong.

The 19 years old Chung managed to hamper his illustrious rival from the first to the last point of the match and deservedly left the court under the applauses of the audience.

For Wawrinka the evening was certainly special, because this victory for him was under No100 in Grand Slam (100 wins and 40 losses). Earlier in the season, Stan won his second Grand Slam title, when triumphed in "Roland Garros".

The 30-year-old Wawrinka shows great concentration in the major tournaments by soccer predictions of the season, as he doesn`t drop out before the quarter-final stage.

In a dispute for a place in the second round of US Open, Wawrinka will face Ruben Bemelmans, who beat Jack Sock after walk over of the American.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Federer with a great start in New York

The second in the scheme of the US Open - Roger Federer began with a victory against Leonardo Mayer with 6:1, 6:2, 6:2 for 77 minutes.

Federer entered in a very high tempo game analyzed by soccer stats and quickly led with 5:0 games. Until the end, Mayer could not found counter attack to the aggressive, powerful and precise game analyzed by soccer stats of the Maestro.

The five-time US Open champion scored six of nine break opportunities and reflected the only chance of Leonardo.

The recorder for Grand Slam titles ended with 29 winning hits (12 aces) with 13 unforced errors (5 double).

In the second round, Roger Federer expects the winner of the meeting between Marcos Baghdatis from Cyprus and Steve Darcis from Belgium.

Monday, August 31, 2015

Real and United are negotiating for Navas

Real Madrid and Manchester Utd have agreed on the transfer of goalkeeper David de Hea in the team from the Bernabeu.
According to Marca, the transfer fee for the Spaniard will be in the range of 30-35 million euros. It is expected that in the next few hours to sign it. Sky Sport, however, denies a deal between the two clubs by www.soccer-stats.org yet.
Real now includes Keylor Navas in its negotiations, who wants to send to Old Trafford.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

The goal of Messi against Bayern is the most beautiful last season

The goal of the Barcelona striker Lionel Messi in the first semifinal match according football tips of the Champions League against Bayern was set for the best of the season in the UEFA Cup.
The most beautiful goal last season was set by a vote in the official site of UEFA.
Today in Monaco, UEFA will make a gala evening, which will be selected and the best footballer in Europe in the UEFA Cup.
The three finalists are attackers on Barcelona-Lionel Messi and Luis Suarez, he and also the Real Madrid striker and the Portuguese national team, Cristiano Ronaldo.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Van Gaal again will not use the services of De Gea

Manchester United`s goalkeeper David de Gea didn`t go with the team for the meeting rematch of the playoffs of the UEFA Champions League football with Brugge in Belgium.
Today at the official site of the `Red Devils` were referred the names of the 18 players who will go to the country. The family of De Gea was not on that list.
Before the British media, it was reported that Real Madrid has offered De Gea the sum of 12 million for crossing with free agent status after the end of the season when his contract with United expires.
This season, the 24-year-old goalkeeper De Gea has not played in matches by www.soccer-stats.org of the English Grand.

Friday, August 21, 2015

Official: Maury returned to Lazio

Stefano Maury is again a player of Lazio. The experienced veteran received a new contract at the club, which included clauses against betting.
The former captain of the team was released on June 30, when his old contract expired.
` The football club mentioned by soccer-stats.org Lazio announced that Stefano Maury`s team filed.`, reads the brief notice of the Romans.
New things in the agreement concerning the problems with gambling, to secure the capital of repeated interference in the quarrel with the arranged matches. It is in that line got a solid penalty before Maury`s time.
Maury is expected to home around 800,000 euros a year, with bonuses amount can reach 1.1 million.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Karim Benzema gave a quarter of a million for a ball-jewel

Karim Benzema isn`t sure about his future yet, but that does not prevent him to live royally.
The French striker will probably be sold by Real Madrid to Arsenal soon, and while awaiting transfer, that`s what he does.
Benzema ordered jewelry for the home-whether in Madrid or London-soccer ball, encrusted with diamonds.
The jewelry costs a whopping 250,000 euros.
The ball is inlaid with diamonds, and 72,000 is made by Dave will to bling and Boss of DWS Jewellery and co.

Van Gaal: `We deserved towin with a bit more.`

The manager of Manchester United`s Louis van Gaal remained pleased with a 3:1 success over Brugge in the first playoff for entry into the Champions League groups. This result predicted by soccer predictions gave a lot more chances of `Red Devils` to find a place there.
The third and so soothing goal barely fell in overtime of the regular time. According to the Dutchman, his team is supposed to would a lot more expressive result predicted by soccer predictions because of the created many opportunities, but also that it satisfies.
`If it was left only 2:1, it would be very tricky. We deserved to beat with a lot more, because we created a huge number of situations. We made so many chances and we got only three times. That`s why I`ve always said, we need to be effective.`
`And yet this ultimate goal makes me happy. A situation in which it is received, we practiced often on workouts. As for the hits of Memphis, I`m very happy about it. He is only 21 years old, but I have confidence in his qualities.`, said van Gaal.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Godin renewed his contract with Atletico Madrid

Diego Godin renewed his contract with Atletico Madrid to 2019. So in practice, he continued his present contract by another year. The club adviced by soccer picks is expected to announce officially the news in the coming hours.
Financial terms of the new contract of the 29-year-old footballer are considerably improved.
Diego Godin played from 2007 to 2010 in Villarreal. By 2010 is part of the team of Atletico Madrid.
The Uruguayan footballer rejected an offer from Manchester City, and the leadership of Atletico Madrid hastened to renew his contract.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Ajax goalkeeper denied negotiating with United

The goalkeeper of Ajax, Silesen denied the late-breaking information in the Dutch media that is negotiating with compatriot Louis van Gaal, who is in charge of Manchester United for the transfer at Old Trafford.
In the last days do not stop the information that young Dutch national will end up in the Red Devils as a replacement for outgoing almost certainly David de Hea. But Silesen denied this.
'Over the weekend I read somewhere, that I`ve been chatting with van Gaal. I admit that I`ve done it many times, but our last conversation was last year. My management team also has spoken with him the past few months.`, said Silesen.
The coach of Ajax, Frank de Boer also spoke recently on the topic of the future of the goalkeeper and announced that even if a deal is reached, it will be for a lot of money and it is not clear whether van Gaal will want to take them out.

Friday, August 7, 2015

Di Maria to Manchester United fans: 'Football is not math!`

The former Manchester United footballer Angel di Maria wrote an open letter to 'the family of Manchester United` after his transfer in the French Grand Paris Saint-Germain.
In it the Argentine national shared that had given the best of himself for the 'Red Devils`, but felt bad about things beyond his experience as for breaking into his home.
'I write this to thank the entire family of Manchester United for the great support that I received during the year that I was part of this club.`, wrote di Maria.
'I tried my best, but football is not like mathematics: often many things beyond our control affect the way we feel and the way things are going. I`m sorry it didn`t work out as I would like in this amazing huge club.`
'I want to thank specially the directors and management of Manchester United, as well as of every Member of staff and of the colleagues who have supported me always. Also a special greeting to all the fans, who have always trusted me and showed their respect and love.`

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Tottenham manager wants another striker

Tottenham needs a new striker to take some of the load on young Harry Kane.
Adolescents of Londoners scored 21 goals last season and did not suffer from injuries, but to continue in the same spirit, there must be some decent replacements, said Pochetino. This is precisely the reason why he is looking for another striker, as Emmanuel Adebayor and Roberto Soldado will most likely leave Tottenham.
`We have Harry in our team, but the assumptions are true and we`re looking for more people in the RAID. Harry is in good physical condition and I`m not worried about him at all (although the Kane`s game according soccer-insider-tips of the European Championship in the summer). He later returned from the camp of the national team, but I`m not worried. Harry is still ready to play on Saturday against Manchester United.`, he said.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Maradona: 'I want to deal with the mafia in FIFA.`

The football legend Diego Maradona said he wanted to fight the mafia and corruption, which they destroyed, but FIFA however said he could run for the next head of the world soccer power organization.
'We have to deal with the mafia, which remained in FIFA. We need to deal with those who for a long time they were stealing from FIFA.`, said Maradona.
The question whether they will run for President of the 54-year-old Argentinean Headquarters said: 'I really want to be in FIFA`.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

The most expensive `purchases` of Bayern Munich

Arturo Vidal officially became part of FC Bayern Munich. The media in Germany are trumpeting that the Bavarians will pay slightly more than 40 million euros for the Chilean national. This amount will make Vidal the most expensive addition in the history of the German champions.
We present you the ten most expensive purchases of Bavarians up to now:
10. Roy Makaay - 19.75 million euros (in 2003, from Deportivo La Coruna)
9. Arjen Robben - 24 million euros (in 2009, from Real Madrid)
7. Thiago Alcantara - 25 million euros (in 2013, from Barcelona)
7. Franck Ribery - 25 million euros (in 2007, from Olympique de Marseille)
6. Benatia Medi - 28 million euros (in 2014, from Roma)
3. Douglas Costa - 30 million euros (in 2015, from Shakhtar Donetsk)
3. Manuel Neuer - 30 million euros (in 2011, from Schalke 04)
3. Mario Gomez - 30 million euros (in 2009, from Stuttgart)
2. Mario Gotze - 37 million euros (in 2013, from Borussia Dortmund)
1. Xavi Martinez - 40 million euros (in 2012, from Athletic Bilbao)

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Grigor and Maria are no longer together

Grigor Dimitrov wished Maria Sharapova all the best both on the court and in life outside of the tennis.

As is known, on Thursday evening, it became clear that the Bulgarian and the Russian have terminated their relationship and are no longer a couple. Subsequently the news revealed by the journalist of ESPN Darren Rovel, it was confirmed by Dimitrov.

At the moment Sharapova is currently on holiday with a friend in Montenegro and Dimitrov is preparing for the season at hard in North America in California.

"Our ways parted. We experienced both incredible moments. I wish her much success and happiness, both on the court and in life, "said Dimitrov, quoted by the agency" Reuters ".

"I am fully concentrated on my game and you will soon see the results," said Dimitrov.

Dimitrov and Sharapova have been together for nearly three years. For the first time for a love between them was spoken at the end of 2012 and the spring of 2013, the Bulgarian first before Tennis24.bg confirmed that he is with Sharapova.

Grigor Dimitrov will return to the court on August the 3rd when is starting the tournament according live odds on hard courts in Washington (ATP 500).

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Salah agreed for a transfer to Roma

Mohammed Salah has accepted the proposal of Roma to play at the Grand. Now Roma has to agree with Chelsea for the manner in which the transaction will take place.
Yesterday, the football player`s agent Rami Abbas was spotted in the Italian capital, to negotiate the return of the Egyptian national in Serie A. The former player of the team of Basel seriously caused quite a stir in the kalcoto, after having refused to extend the lease at Fiorentina, while Florentines to Chelsea paid with this purpose.
Roma, in turn, is still relatively far from the final mentioned by www.soccer-stats.org attraction of the Salah as the Blues want 23 million for the player. `Wolves` cannot afford a permanent transfer, but rather will look for lease with an option for redemption.
Chelsea would agree to such an option, but only if the full acquisition of Salah to be binding to activate next summer

Monday, July 20, 2015

Mitrovic arrived for examinations in Newcastle

Alexander Mitrovic is a few hours away from finalizing his transfer to Newcastle. The soccer player of Anderlecht will shortly undergo compulsory medical examinations.
It is expected that 'the Magpies` to pay 13 million pounds for the services of a Serbian national who is barely 20 years old.
Last season played very strongly with Mitrovic team of Belgian Grand by scoring 23 goals in 44 matches by sport-tips on all fronts.
Throughout his career so far for Anderlecht Mitrovic has had 30 hits in 78 official meetings. He played in the League Jupiler by 2013, when he arrived from Partizan.

Saturday, July 18, 2015

2:0 for Bulgaria after the quick success of Grigor Dimitrov

Bulgaria lead with 2:0 wins after the first day of the matches against Luxembourg. Dimitar Kuzmanov launched a successful series and prevailed with 3:0 sets against Ugo Nastasi. After that the best Bulgarian tennis player Grigor Dimitrov recorded a clean victory with 3:0 sets. The 16th placed in the world ATP rankings won with 6:1, 6:2, 6:4 over Gilles Kremer in a match that lasted an hour and 45 minutes.

Grigor Dimitrov served well throughout the meeting and did not allow even one break. The Bulgarian won the first two sets for 61 minutes, then the third game from fixedmatches.org was more levelled and Grigor missed many break points. However, a single break for 4:3 was fully sufficient for Dimitrov to close the match.

Thanks to the strong start on Friday, Bulgaria need one victory for an ultimate success in the duel. Saturday is traditionally a battle of couples. The captain Todor Enev introduced the participation of the tandem Grigor Dimitrov / Dimitar Kutrovski. In regulation the captain has the right to make a change to an hour before the game.

On Sunday they will play the last two singles matches.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

West Ham has an official offer for Chicharito

The management of West Ham has made a formal offer for the striker from Manchester United, Javier Hernandez. According to the media, Hammers were put on the table a proposal worth 9 million pounds for the Mexican.
That amount would have to satisfy the 'Red Devils`. They want 10 million pounds to cut unnecessary, but a smaller amount would hardly be denied and there should be a deal soon.
The desire for a signature with Chicharito came from the personal manager of Londoners, Slaven Bilic. Now it remains to understand whether the club and the player will reach an agreement about his personal terms, which is a little more complicated.
Hernandez gets 82 000 pounds a week, if he goes to West Ham, however, he will have to agree to a reduction in his salary. In view of the missing interest from other clubs mentioned by soccercapper , he has to do that.
If all goes well, by the end of this week he must be a player on the Knicks. He was left out of the squad by the manager of the 'Red Devils`, Louis van Gaal.

Friday, July 10, 2015

Free Soccer Picks - Don`t Miss That!

Leh Poznan vs. Legia Warsaw
The two strongest teams in Poland are going out today for the Supercup of Poland. Both teams are arguing for the trophy this season - there is a difference of only one point in the overall standings. It is difficult to determine who is the better team and it is very likely to see the draw in regular time. Our soccer forecast is X.

RoPS vs. HJK
The guest team is in a mini crisis and it is likely for it not to win against RoPS. The hosts have had no loss in the last 8 fights and occupy the second place in the standings. HIK are leaders, but their form from last weeks is not exactly for winning the title. The team has not won for three straight games. It`s worth a try to win today against their main rivals for the first place. Our football prediction is double chance: 1X.

Molde vs. Haugesund
Bookies give a very low odd for the hosts, but apart from that, actually the chances of Haundesund are not so small. Molde is not in the best condition, after having managed to win only 1 of the last 4 fights. Haugesund does handle the exceptional way in direct duels with today`s opponent. The team has had no loss in the last five meetings with Molde. Our football forecast is X2.

Spain U19 vs. Russia U19
The Spaniards have demonstrated once again their immense football power in the first match by sport predictions in the Group as they cracked Germany with 3:0. Now their opponent is far easier. Russia lost its first match by sport predictions of the Netherlands and now their chances are extremely small. Most likely, the Spaniards will secure the first place in the Group today. Our soccer prediction is 1.

Sterling resumed workouts with the team

The star of Liverpool, Raheem Sterling resumed workouts with his teammates. The attacker missed the first two football activities by preparing the `Reds`, but today appeared on the training base of the club.
Two days ago, Sterling informed the club from soccer-stats guide, that is sick and will not appear on the intended training. According to the media in England, however, the Englishman is trying to force your transfer to Manchester City.
The information appeared that Sterling had refused to leave with the team on the preseason tour in Asia.
Merseysiders have already rejected two offers from Manchester City for their player, but Citizens are expected to make a third offer for Sterling, which is to be adopted.

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Cristiano sold his image rights to Valencia

The superstar of Real Madrid, Cristiano Ronaldo announced that he had sold the rights to his prestigious company, which is owned by Peter Lim - the current boss of Valencia.
The Portuguese international has announced the deal through a message on its official website, where he described the course as a strategy, especially with regard to the Asian market.
'I`m really excited that I will announce my latest agreement with the company Mint Media, owned by my good friend Peter Lim - the businessman from Singapore, which will acquire my image rights.`, explained Ronaldo.
The contract is for six years and does not affect the player`s commitments with his club, and the rights to the image are only for Asia, specified Mint Media communique.
Undoubtedly, the connection between them is made by the agent of the player - Jorge Mendes, who is a personal friend and adviser of Lim.
Namely the rights were the basis of protracted negotiations between Real Madrid and Cristiano at the last renewal of his contract. In 2013 he signed for five more years with 'white ballet` by retaining control with over 50 percent of the rights.

Friday, June 26, 2015

Jovetic is beginning negotiations with the Italian trio

The defender of Manchester City, Stevan Jovetic, will likely continue his career in the Italian Serie A. Next week, the football player`s agent will be in Italy, where he will start negotiations with three teams.
According to the information of the Sky Sports Italia, the Manager of the assailant will lead talks with Juventus, Inter and AC Milan. For the moment, a favorite for the signature of the Jovetic is the 'old lady`, whose team will be leaving from Carlos Tevez.
There is an option for the player to join the team from Torino as a rental for one season, and then to sign a permanent contract.
However, there are other options for Jovetic. Milan`s grandees, Milan and Inter also harbored hopes for a soccer player, as his agent will listen to their proposals before the mere footballer to decide his future.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

A clever move of Real stops Di Maria for "Camp Nou"?

The both leading Catalan newspaper "Sport" and "El Mundo Deportivo" worked down an extramural dispute about Angel Di Maria. In the morning "Sport" wrote that Barcelona wants to test the Argentinian with a possible offer, to see how he would react and if he would depart from Manchester United to pass to "Camp Nou".

Hours later, from "El Mundo Deportivo" countered with their news ,that in the contract of midfielder with the English club analyzed by verified soccer picks has a clause,according which he can not be transferred to the team of Luis Enrique. This has been a special request by Real Madrid in the deal with United a year ago. The "White" decided to use this move , so would not reach a tension among the fans.

For now, the player himself unmoved by such writings does not intend to part with the "Reds".

Monday, June 22, 2015

Sevilla to Liverpool: `You must give 30 million euros.`

Liverpool will have to give 30 million euros if it wants to attract the away goals Sevilla, Carlos Baca. The Colombian striker proved a major transfer target of Reds after the Aston Villa refused to release in less than 45 million.
Baca, who is currently with the national team at the Copa America, fell 28 goals last season and there is an interested in him from a few more clubs analyzed by soccer stats from Europe, including Roma.
Sevilla`s Sporting Director, Monci warned the willing to pay the clause, which is 30 million euros.
`If someone wants Baca, then he will have to pay the clause. He told us that his desire is to stay with us, so I don`t see why that shouldn`t be the case. The contract binds Baca with Sevilla and we want to keep it that way. Will be powerless, however if someone pay clause in his contract.`, said Monci.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Empoli and Naples have agreed for Valdifiori

The President of Empoli Fabrizio Korsi confirmed that has achieved an agreement with Napoli President Aurelio De Laurentiis for the transfer of Mirko Valdifiori.
`Yesterday`s dinner with President Aurelio De Laurentiis of Napoli was beneficial.`, commented Korsi."
`Valdifiori? We have reached an agreement with Napoli. They need to understand and with the player about his conditions.`, added the President of Empoli.
`I`m sure his last choice would be Napoli, where we can run about with Maurizio Sari. De Laurentis likes Valdifiori a lot and is his big fan.`
`Napoli is interested and to our other players. Transfer window but now begins. We`ll see what happens.`, said Fabrizio Korsi.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

The boss of Boca: `Tevez should clarify with Juventus.`

The President of Boca Juniors, Daniel Anhelici, revealed that the family of Carlos Tevez wants to go home in Argentina, but the attacker must first render the situation in Juventus.
Yesterday the boss of Argentinian Grand fly to Chile to meet with the attacker, who really wants to return to his native team.
`We have to be careful, I spoke with him.`, revealed Anhelici.
`He still has a year on his contract with Juventus, which is among the best teams in Italy and I respect it a lot`
`We talked and his family wants to get home after many years abroad. Carlos, however, first have to clarify the situation with Juventus. When he did, Boca will take action.`
`If we can`t do it now, we will wait until next June. We have to drive slowly to not create false expectations. Currently, Carlos thinks only about the national team, and we have more time to talk.`, commented Anhelici.

Friday, June 12, 2015

Vilmots is going to refuse to Schalke

The searching for the new head coach of Schalke 04 is located at a dead end. After the failure of the No. 1 candidate for the post, Marcus Vajncirl, the team will most likely receive a waiver from his second option Mark Vilmots.
Vilmots is expected to announce his decision after the European qualification between Wales and Belgium on Friday, but according to the German media he is more likely to take on Schalke.
Reason for the hesitation of Vilmots is the open interest of Schalke to Vajncirl, making the Belgian maximum option No 2 in front of the club, which is not like the specialist.
In Schalke, they are not particularly satisfied and of the financial claims of the Vilmots. He wants the 4 million per season, and then the team will have to pay 2 million euros in compensation to Belgian Football Federation. Lack of trainer staffing plans slowed and Schalke.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Barca held Dani Alves for two more seasons

The good news for Barcelona pouring one after another. After on Saturday Barca won its fifth title in the Champions League and yesterday presented its new addition Arturo Vidal, today it became clear that Daniel Alves will continue to wear a shirt of the club for two more seasons. The eccentric right defender put his signature under a new contract whose duration is 2 + 1 seasons. So the Brazilian will remain at "Camp Nou" at least until June 30, 2017.

Alves was heralded as a secure leaving after his representatives and the club`s management failed to find common ground and reach understanding on a new deal, but this is already happened. The 32 years old South American, arrived in the capital of Catalonia from Seville in 2008 and for seven seasons has won 19 fantastic trophies .

Following the renewal of the contract of Alves, Luis Enrique has quite rich selection for the right zone of defense. In addition, the current holder, options before him are Martin Montoya, Douglas, and the new signing Vidal. In all likelihood, however, one among Montoya and Douglas will leave the club.
Minutes after the official announcement of the news, the player himself got two videos in his profile, which explained why he re-signed. The message is clear and concise - "I follow my heart and those who love me!".

Monday, June 8, 2015

Fiji 'threw the bomb` at the World Cup for youngsters

Pacific Fiji 'threw the bomb` at the World Cup for youngsters up to 20 years after they defeated Honduras with 3:0 in a group F match of two teams that have three points and the battle for the 2nd place is suspended for the final round.
In another match of the group, the favorite Germany met resistance from Uzbekistan and had 3:0 without to allow to be called a blow to their door. Fiji Islands - an island nation in the South Pacific, played for the first time at any World Cup after winning the Oceania zone qualifiers.
In the beginning, that team was on the 196th place in the FIFA rankings and was destroyed with 1:8 from Germany, but after today`s success will probably continue to the eliminations. Josefu Verevu scored in the 14th minute. Saul Waka doubled their lead on Fiji, and Kevin Alvarez of Honduras scored an own goal in the last minute of the first half.
`We planned to press the opponent since the first minute and really got our idea.`, commented the experienced mentor Frank Farina, who leads the team of Fiji. Farina is a former national coach of Australia, one of the most successful coaches in the region. Football in Fiji is entirely amateur, so the 20-year-old nationals of the country are no exception. Germany was guaranteed a place on the semifinals, after defeating Uzbekistan with 3:0. Mark Stendera made two goals in the 33rd and 85th minutes.
Brazil will also go to the second phase, as there are already six points after their second victory - 2:1 over the rest of the ten man team of Hungary. Nigerians failed to score in the first half, but scored four goals after the break. Godwin scored in the 48th minute, but three later doubled. Kingsley Sokari made the score 3:0 in the 71st minute with a shot off of the penalty box. Nine minutes later, Isaac ended the dispute.
Hungary led with 1:0 in Brazil with the goal of Bence Mervio, but eight minutes later Christian Tamas received two quick yellow cards and left the field. The Brazilians took their advantage of it - Danilo scored in the 50th minute, and Andreas Pereira by the rather controversial penalty kick five minutes before the end of the game formed the twists and turns.

Friday, June 5, 2015

Torpedo Zhodino vs Belshina Bobruisk

The football lineups of Torpedo Zhodino and Belshina Bobruiskare are going to face off against each other in a match of the Premier League of Belarus. Check out our expert soccer forecast by soccer predictions for that upcoming event.
The hosts occupy the 11th position in the provisional standings with an asset of 8 points, 2 wins, 2 draws and 4 losses during the season. Having played 8 games in total, they have a negative goal difference of 7:12. The home team played 4 matches so far, in which there have been 1 win, a draw and 2 losses. These players have made 4 goals and got also 4.
The guests of the Belshina Bobruiskare are the 7th in the standings with an asset of 12 points, achieved after 3 wins, 3 draws and 2 losses during the season. Having played in a total of 8 games there is a positive goal difference of 9:6. The team has played so far in 3 matches, in which there have been 1 win, 1 draw and 1 loss. The team has made 3 hits in the opponent`s door and allowed 3 goals.
In the previous two matches at their stadium, the team of Zhodino has had a 3:0 victory against FC Gomel, and in the latest household managed to reach a draw of 0:0 against Bate Borisov. In its past two games, the team of Belshina Bobruiskare won with 3:1 against the team of the Neman River, and in the previous match away they have achieved a draw of 0:0 against Shakhtar Soligorsk.
In the last 10 matches played between the two teams, the team of Torpedo Zhodino has won3 times, Belshina Bobruiskare has earned 2 wins and in 5 meetings the two teams have shared the points in a total of 14:10 goal difference. In the last five fights in front of their fans vs. Belshina Bobruiskare, the players of Torpedo Zhodino have had a win, 2 draws and 3 defeats.
Our soccer prediction is 1X.

Friday, May 29, 2015

Ex-Vice President of FIFA left custody in ambulance

The former Vice President of FIFA, Jack Warner, who was among the detainees in the corruption scandal exploded around the world football Central, left the prison in Trinidad and Tobago in an ambulance. More information on theguardian.com Warner complained of exhaustion.
After a short break, Jack Warner commented: "If I stole money from FIFA, who for 30 years has given me the money? How come he has not been charged? Why only people from third world countries have been charged?`
Now Jack Warner is free on bail of 395 million dollars and must appear in court in July.
The FIFA Congress continues today in Zurich at 10.30 hrs CET. The focus is the choice of the President of the international football Headquarters Office.

Monday, May 25, 2015

WTA Monday at "Roland Garros"

With victories began their participation in the "Roland Garros" four female players.

The eighth seeded Carla Suarez Navarro from Spain did not give a chance to the Romanian Monica Niculescu and won with 6:2, 6:2. The finalist from Miami and Rome reached the quarterfinals in Paris last year. If she repeats this achievement Suarez Navarro can provide a new game with the champion Maria Sharapova.

The seeded under No11 Angelique Kerber run over the Hungarian Timea Babos with 6:0, 6:1 in the unequal fight. The next opponent of the German left-handed is already performing Australia who beat her new compatriot Casey Dellacqua with 6:2, 6:2.

Sabine Lisicki from Germany is No20 in the scheme. She started with 6:3, 6:2 against Monica Puig from Puerto Rico. Lisicki has done her job with ace after 66 minutes.

A great joy for the hosts brought the 29th placed Alize Cornet . The tennis player from Nice beat the experienced Roberta Vinci on the court "Philippe Chatrier" after 4:6, 6:4, 6:1. After an exchange sets the Frenchwoman began the third part with the powerful 5:0 against the ailing Italian. In the final game Cornet served flawlessly and won to zero.

In the second round Alize expects Alexandra Dulgheru. The Romanian was clearly against Nicole Gibbs from the United States and won with 6:3, 6:1.

The player with a "wild card" Amandine Hesse from France unexpectedly beat experienced (Australia) with 2:6, 6:3, 6:2.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Ferencvaros won the Cup of Hungary

The team of Ferencvaros won the Cup of Hungary, having crashed in the final champion of the country, Videoton with 4:0.
All four goals came in the second half, as between the 54th and 70th minute, Roland Varga, Bens Batik and Roland Lama scored goals and in the final minutes Solnok from Videoton scored his own goal.
`The coach told us at halftime to be more precise in his passing and we did just that. Today we beat a very good opponent.`, said after the match the team`s wing Roland Varga.
`This is a great victory for us, but I thought the break that we can win with such a result.`, said the coach of Ferencvaros Thomas Doll. He became the first German expert, who won the Hungary Cup.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Valencia - Celta Vigo (Primera Division)

Valencia takes Celta Vigo in a meeting of the 37th round of the Spanish Primera Division. The match at the stadium "Mestalla" is on Sunday night - May 17, 2015. The odds for the game offered by the leading bookmaker bet365 are as follows: 1.62 for a home success, with a draw at 4.20, and 5.25 for the victory of the guests. Valencia won the last four home games against Celta Vigo, as now are considered as a winner in this meeting.

Valencia made a very successful season and logically takes the 4th place in the table with a total of 73 points. The "Bats" lead by three points ahead of Sevilla in a fight for a place in the top four, while being in a battle with Atletico Madrid for the third place, four points behind. So, the boys of Nuno Santo need this victory. Valencia is in a series of four matches without defeat in La Liga and in the previous round was close to defeat Real Madrid in "Santiago Bernabeu", but finished in a draw - 2:2. The "Bats" won 10 of the last 11 games at home, and will try to take the victory in the last household for this season.

Celta Vigo takes the 10th place in La Liga with 47 points collected and only a miracle could send them in the European club tournaments. However, the team from Vigo will hope for such thing and should not be underestimated from this match. Celta is on three points from the seventh position, which in certain situations can guarantee a place in the Europa League next season. The team lost once in the last seven games in the championship and in the previous round did not gave up against the strong composition of Sevilla - 1:1 at home. The Celtics are in visible progress as guests and are unbeaten in their last four visits. With punishment for the visit are Augusto Fernandez and Santi Mina, and with injuries are Carles Planas and Nemanja Radoja.

Recommended bet: For Valencia @ 1.62 at bet365

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Napoli vs Dnipro - Soccer Forecast

The coach of Napoli, Rafa Benitez is convinced that his team can drop Dnipro out and play in the Europa League final. Whether that is the truth or not, we will check today. Meanwhile, take advantage of our profitable soccer tips by soccer-stats and be ready to win! The Italians visit this evening at the Olympic Stadium in Kiev, after Seleznov scored a goal in the last minute for 1:1 in the match in Naples a week ago. 'We can still play in the final. We are optimistic, because I know what potential this team has.`, said Benitez.
Against the Italians, however, we will see a team, who is ready for the fame. Dnipro will play for the honor of the whole Ukraine. The team has never played in a major European final tournament and certainly the team`s players will give everything in my power to do so. The statistics is also on their side. Ukrainians have won their last four home games and did it without making a goal. An important factor will be the audience - they`re expecting over 70 000 spectators at the stadium.
'This is a historic game for us and we want to show what we`re capable of. Napoli is a serious team and we expect a very tough match, but we are ready.`, said the coach of Dnipro, Miron Markevic.
Napoli, who leads the battle for third place in Serie A, has not played a final in Europe since 1989, when it won the UEFA Cup. The team from Naples lost the last visit of Dnipro - three years ago in a match of the group stage of the Europa League with the result of 3:1. In their last 4 visits this season in the tournament, however, they have not had a loss.
Markevic keep the majority of players in Saturday`s loss with 0:2 in the local Championship, where he holds the third place in the Dnipro classification and is nine points behind leader Dynamo Kiev.
The big star of Napoli, Gonzalo Higuain, who is the most effective player left in the tournament, will lead the attack of the team, and the captain Marek Hamsik will most likely save your match no 50 in European tournaments.
Our soccer prediction is 2.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Guardiola: Barca is a fair winner

Guardiola showed Fairplay speaking at after the second leg with Barcelona. The former mentor of Catalans and current Bayern wished success to Barcelona in the final and added:
`I congratulate Barcelona. This is a fair winner. I hope to win the fifth. Last season we won four trophies, the only one, but important, in view of all the problems that we had. I am happy that I train such a team. Today we can be proud and at the same time sad after his presentation. I am happy that forfeited proud we lost with dignity.`, said Guardiola.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Almeria got a point from Celta

Almeria got an important point in the battle for staying at the Spanish soccer elite of the Derby against Celta Vigo in the 35th round of the Primera Division after a draw of 2:2. That brought the 16th place of Almeria in the provisional rankings, like the team with 32 points on one of the 17th Eibar.
The last success of Almeria was against Eibar, and in the match against Celta, the hosts trailed by 0:2 at the halftime, but in the second half they managed to catch up. Celta drew with hits of the 17th Nolito and Santee Pass in the 39th minute, but Almeria failed to return the equality with goals from Tievi Bifouma in the 47th minute and Jonathan Zongo in the 68th. Both teams ended with a man less after red cards of their own players.
The team of Celta is on the ninth place with 46 points in the asset, as it failed to make a series of two laps of the match, after having defeated Malaga in the previous round.
In the 5th minute, Santi Mina from Celta came out in good hazard positions but failed to threaten the hosts. However, in the 17th minute the guests took the lead with a shot of Duran Nolito, who battled for the ball and put it near the right goalpost for 1:0.
Error in the team of Almeria has led to the second goal for the guests, as the defender lost the ball, Santi Mina took it over and with a precise shot made the score 2:0.
The hosts, however, surrendered and quickly after the resumption of play in the second half we managed to reduce. Tievi Bifouma showed a good reaction in the 47th minute and scored for 1:2.
In the 54th minute, Celta stayed with a man less after the Argentinian Gustavo Cabral received a direct red card and taking advantage of the numerical superiority of Almeria footballers hard-pressed rivals.
The countervailing hit came in the 68th minute when Tomer Hemed literally brought the ball to Jonathan Zongo, who never made a mistake from close distance to 2:2.
In the 74th minute, the hosts also were left with 10 men after Mauro to Santos received a second yellow card and had to leave the game.

Saturday, May 2, 2015

The dreamed final will not happen

The dreamed final in Istanbul between Grigor Dimitrov and Roger Federer will not happen. The best Bulgarian tennis player ended his participation in the semi-finals, having retreated with 2:6, 4:6 to Pablo Cuevas after 77 minutes on Centre Court "Garanti Koza Arena". Today Dimitrov received incredible support from the stands, where places were taken over 2500 Bulgarians, but unfortunately it was not enough for victory.

Grigor Dimitrov started very tentatively the game in the first set and failed to win his submission even once. Bulgarian plays mostly defensive and behind the main line, which became an easy target of the aggressive Cuevas.

In the second part Dimitrov improved his game and after 40 minutes for the first time managed to win the serve-game. However, Grigor continued to be nervous and in the sixth game in 2:3 and 15:40, spectacularly broke his racket, which is punishable by the Chief Judge and lost the point and the game.

Until the end of the game, Dimitrov never managed to break back and left the center court defeated.

Monday, April 27, 2015

Guillermo Garcia-Lopez with the fifth title in his career

Guillermo Garcia-Lopez won his fifth title at the ATP level after beating Jiri Vesely (Czech Republic) with 7:6 (5), 7:6 (11) in the final of the tournament BRD Nastase Tiriac Trophy in Bucharest.

The 31 years old Spaniard became the first player over 30 years, who won the title in Bucharest from 2010 onwards, when it seemed Juan Ignacio Chela. In addition, he became the first Spaniard from 2009 onwards, winning a trophy at the level ATP 250. The last it was done from Albert Montanes.

The way of Garcia-Lopez went through to the title wins over the qualifier Lorenzo Giustino, Marcos Baghdatis, Lukas Rosol and Gael Monfils.

Jiri Vesely has something to regret, because at the end of the first set sampled for 6: 5, then had lead 40:15 in his service. Both set-balls however, were omitted from Vesely then in the tiebreak Garcia-Lopez won.

Both exchanged a breakthrough at the beginning of the second set and then easily won their submissions. Deservedly so again reached to the tiebreak, in which Garcia-Lopez won with 13:11 points in his sixth match ball. Vesely missed two more set balls.

The world No45 ensured 250 ranking points and a check for EUR 80,000, while Vesely will have to be content with 150 points and EUR 43 100 from the prize money.

For the 21 years old Czech, it was the first final on clay in his career. Earlier in the season he won his first title after he triumphed in Auckland (at the final defeat Manarino).

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Football Tips

You would like to ensure your win today? Then you must agree - you need professional opinion about the possible outcomes of certain football events. Why not use ours?

Napoli vs. Wolfsburg
Napoli has cracked its rival in the first game, and a rematch is now a protocol one. The duel in Germany ended with the success of the boys of Rafa Benitez with a final score of 4:1. Then Napoli performed extremely well and the victory was fully deserved. After that great match for one of the two Italian representatives in the Europa League, today we cannot expect anything different from a victory for the hosts. The guests will hardly be in a good mood for the game after the humiliation in the first game. Napoli will want to please their audiences and to prove that they really are better than Wolfsburg. Our football forecast predicted by soccer stats is 1.

Fiorentina vs. Dynamo Kiev
Fiorentina claimed an extraordinary good tournament score in their first match and now our expectations are to win fairly easily their home game. The class of hosts is unquestionably greater and they deserve to move on. At this point, we need to remember some incredible matches of Fiorentina at the Stadio Artemio Franchi. Today there are good perspectives Violet to play a good and successful match. Our soccer forecast predicted by soccer stats is 1.

Dnipro vs. Brugge
Two weeks ago, the Belgian representative in the UEFA Cup has had a series of nine consecutive wins. It is done because of the local Championship, especially the last two rounds, as Brugge has focused their full attention to their European participation. It all has started with a goalless draw. This means that if the team loses today, it will rank ahead or will at least get to added time. We do not think they are going to lose today. Our football prediction is double chance X2.

Zenit vs. Sevilla
Sevilla is one of the biggest favourites for winning the Europa League. They are having an outstanding season in the Spanish Championship, currently vying for a place in the top 4, which will send them to participate in the Champions League. The guests can boast with an exceptional form lately. They have showed a good game in the first match against Zenit, when they have won at home with 2:1. Our soccer prediction is 2.

Friday, April 17, 2015

Sampdoria - Cesena (Serie A)

Sampdoria takes Cesena in a meeting of the 31st round of the Italian Serie A. The match between them at "Luigi Ferraris" in Genoa will start is on Saturday, 18 April 2015 and world bookmakers offering odds of 1.53 for a home win, with a draw at 4.00, and 7.00 for the victory of the guests.

Sampdoria is fighting for places entitling participation in European club competitions. The team takes 6th place in the standings with 49 points collected and still has little chance to climb up. For this purpose, it is necessary to earn points in the remaining meetings until the end of the season. Especially against opponents from the rank of Cesena, success for Sampdoria is more than required. In the previous round "sailors" made 1:1 draw during their visit to Milan and now will try to please their typhoid, as at home they are unbeaten in the previous 14 games, recording seven wins and seven draws. With injuries in the camp of Sampdoria are Fabrizio Cacciatore and Lorenzo De Silvestri.

Cesena is among the teams fighting for survival in the elite of Italian football. The team is located just below the line, on the 18th place with a total of 22 points, seven points behind the 17th Atalanta. Cesena seemed doomed, as the chances of salvation from leaving the Serie A melt with each passing round. The players of Domenico Di Carlo do not know the taste of victory in six consecutive meetings in the league, as their last victory was in an early March. The team performs poorly away from home and in 14 games has recorded only one win, four draws and nine losses. There are dozens of injured and suspended players for the upcoming match. Carlos Carbonero is punished and with various injuries are: Luca Valzania, Guido Marilungo, Andrea Tabanelli, Nico Pulzetti and Hor?ur Magnusson. Questionable are Luigi Giorgi, Gregoire Defrel, Francesco Renzetti and Giuseppe De Feudis.

Recommended bet: For Sampdoria @ 1.53 at bet365

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Jack Sock with a first title in his career

Jack Sock won his first ATP title after he defeated Sam Querrey in the final of the tournament US Men`s Clay Court Championship in Houston. In different parts Sock won with 7:6 (9), 7:6 (2) in an hour and 45 minutes game.

"I feel amazing. My favorite ground is clay, I feel indescribable. More better is to win here, where I have friends and family, "said the 22 years old Sock after the final.

He became the sixth American who won the title in Houston. This brought him 250 ranking points and nearly $ 90,000 from the prize money.

"Jack is a tough opponent," said in turn Querrey, who has 150 points and just over $ 46 000. "He has a heavy forehand, which makes him a very difficult opponent of a ground like this. For the first time for a long time I have played in the final, so I feel good. "

For a first time the champion recorded four victories over placed players on the way to the trophy. During the week Sock has beat consistently the No2 in the scheme Roberto Bautista Agut, Santiago Giraldo (No5) and Kevin Anderson (South Africa, No3), before he beat Querrey (No8) on the final.

"I feel very comfortable on this ground. During the week I have showed very good tennis, I served excellent and I was drilled only a few times. This is not easy, "said the happy champion.

Jack Sock became the seventh player born in the 90s of last century, who won a title at the ATP level. It did also Milos Raonic, Grigor Dimitrov, David Goffin, Bernard Tomic, Federico Delbonis and Jiri Vesely.

Friday, April 3, 2015

John Isner left no chance to Nishikori

John Isner has become the first American tennis player who reached the semi-finals of the strong tournament in Miami since 2011 onwards (Mardy Fish). This happened after the giant won with 2: 0 sets over Kei Nishikori in different parts 6:4, 6:3.

This is the second consecutive victory over a player of Top 10 for Isnar, who earlier in the week "took the scalp" also of Milos Raonic after 3-tiebreak sets. The world No24 already has an exceptional record of 6 wins and 0 losses in the quarterfinals of the "Masters 1000" series.

In contention for a place in the final the tall American will face Novak Djokovic.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Juventus takes out 15 million pounds for Edin Dzeko

The Management of Juventus is ready to take out 15 million pounds to secure the services of Manchester City striker Edin Dzeko, says "Mirror". The 29 years old Bosnian recently signed a new four-year contract with the "citizens", but still can`t fight for a starting place in the team of Manuel Pellegrini. For precisely this reason the "bianconeries" hope to be able to steal him from "Etihad" in the summer.

It appears that in the composition of the City will be quite serious changes after the end of the season. Stevan Jovetic will almost certainly be sold after being left out of the squad for the Champions League. It will not be a surprise, if the same thing will happened with Jacko, who was only third choice a striker after Sergio Aguero and Wilfried Bony. The "Citizens" however like to get a higher price for the Bosnian and this may be the main problem in his passage to Juventus.

At the same time it is hard talking, that Manchester City will try to bring in their composition the young defender of PSV Eindhoven - Jetro Willems. The Dutchman falls also within the sight of Real Madrid and both clubs mentioned by soccer stats will have to bid for his signature.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Manchester United is interested in a defender of Lazio

Manchester United is greatly interested in the defender of Lazio Stefan De Vrij. The Dutch is tipped for a transfer of "Old Trafford" in the summer, as the "reds" are ready to remove 24 million euros for his rights.

The 23 years old footballer is well known for the manager of "reds" Louis van Gaal. Namely he had in the national team of the Netherlands while he was head of the "tulip". Expected as early as last summer it take to United with Van Gaal, but surprisingly the defender chose the proposal of Lazio.
De Vrij however, continued to impress in his first season with the team of the "eagles". He has played 25 matches so far and left a great impression with his performances and it doesn`t remain, as van Gaal again renewed his interest in him.

The scout of the "reds" Jim Lawler traveled to Rome to watch the performances of the Dutch in the match with Verona and was satisfied with what he saw. In this game Lazio won with 2: 0 recording a "dry" net and reached the sixth consecutive victory, as firmly holds the 3rd place in the standings and even has a chance to attack the 2nd position.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Atletico Madrid vs Bayer Leverkusen

Atletico Madrid hosts Bayer Leverkusen at 'Vicente Calderon` Stadium in a rematch of the 1/8 finals of the Champions League. Three weeks ago, in the first game between the two teams, the Germans took the minimum lead of 1:0, which now will defend in the Spanish capital. Take your time and be prepared to enjoy that match to the maximum thanks to our soccer tips.
Atletico Madrid had a goalless draw with the visit of Espanyol in the Primera Division and stayed nine points away from the leader in the standings, Barcelona. So Atletico can fully concentrate on the rematch with Bayer Leverkusen in the Champions League since the tournament remains the last chance for a trophy this season.
For the duel with Germans, Diego Simeone will not be able to count on the players Diego Godin and Thiago. Instead, the match will start with Raul Jimenez and Mario Suarez. Saul Nguez has an injury as he is also going to miss the game against the Germans. The young left defender Guilherme Siqueira also has a trauma, but the medical staff will lift it up for the match and he will be among the starting eleven of Diego Simeone. In attack the Argentine expert will release Mario Mandzukic and Antoine Grizman, while Fernando Torres will stay on the bench.
Bayer Leverkusen has had a 4:0 victory over VfB Stuttgart in the Bundesliga, which will give the team an extra self esteem before the important visit in Madrid. The team will defend a lead of 1 goal, as it will probably choose a defensive tactic to stop its hosts.
The coach Roger Schmidt won`t be able to count for the match with Atletico Madrid on the injured Robbie Kruse and Tin Jedvaj and Lars Bender is in question because of the same injury. After a penalty Omer Toprak is going back to the team of Bayer Leverkusen. He has missed the first leg in Germany, but now will start in the center of the defense of his team.
The guests from Leverkusen will opt for a more defensive tactics that will likely make it difficult to Atletico Madrid, who by tradition also love to defend. In view of this, our football forecast predicted by soccer stats is for a few goals scored on Tuesday night (actually, we think that they will be fewer than 2.5).

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Napoli - Inter (Serie A)

In the derby of the 26th round of the Italian Serie A Napoli stand against Inter. Clash of the "San Paolo" is on Sunday night. Surely we will see another spectacular duel with Italian football brand. The odds for the game offered by the leading bookmaker bet365 are as follows: 1.85 for a home win, with a draw at 3.60 and 4.33 for the victory of the guests.

The hosts are on 3rd place in the standings with a total of 45 points. The target of the team in the remaining matches is to hold this position, which will send them in the playoffs of the Champions League next season. Currently they have two points more than Lazio in fourth place and three from the fifth Fiorentina. The battle against them will be till the last round and any loss of points could be fatal for the team of Rafa Benitez. Napoli lost his last league match during his visit to Torino with 0:1 and now the team have to chase the required three points. Neapolitans are in search of their fourth consecutive home winning in Serie A. During the week reached a difficult 1:1 draw in their visit to Lazio in the first semi-final for the Cup of Italy. With injures in the camp of Napoli are Michu, Lorenzo Insigne, Miguel Britos and Juan Zuniga.

Inter takes the 9th place in the championship with 35 points collected. The team will do everything possible in the remaining matches of Serie A to change this position and qualify for the Europa League in the next campaign. Inter lagging seriously behind the first six teams, but has the potential to fight for a good ranking. In the previous round, the team was defeated by Fiorentina with 0:1 in home, interrupting a series of five matches unbeaten in all competitions. Defender Yuto Nagatomo and Jonathan are injured and will miss this match, but coach Roberto Mancini has good alternates and their absence will not be felt.

Napoli remains unbeaten from Inter in the last five meetings between them, and on his "San Paolo" has five consecutive wins against the "Nerazzurri" from Milan. Therefore, our forecast analyzed by www.soccer-stats.org is a victory for Napoli.

Recommended bet: For Napoli @ 1.85 at bet365

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Stoke City - Hull City (Premier League)

It`s going to be an interesting battle between these two teams, which did a good job in the last round of the league. Stoke City defeated Aston Villa with 1-2 as guests and Hull win valuable three points with a home win over QPR. The teams come to the Britannia Stadium this Saturday and the odds for the game offered by the leading bookmaker bet365 are as follows: 2.05 for a home win, with a draw at 3.30 and 4.20 for the victory of the guests. The last two meetings here passed under dictation of Stoke City and for the past six direct meetings Hull won only one of them.

Stoke is a tough team and hardly allows to be dominated by a "tigers" at his Britannia Stadium. Although that Hull are in good shape, the players of Mark Hughes made typical strongly at home and even more, they have to make it up to their fans after they were humiliated in their last household from the visiting team of Manchester City. The team is far enough from the danger zone and far from ranking in the Top 6. Against Hull is expected to be aggressive from the beginning of the meeting, although that the attackers Bojan Krkic and Peter Odemwingie are gone, but only the absence of Krkic would be felt on the ground.

Hull City recorded two important wins, which at least temporarily pulled the team from the danger zone. After a long drought, the team managed to win against one of their direct rivals for survival in the elite of England and before that recorded an impressive draw with Manchester City. "Tigers" have only four points ahead of the 18th Burnley and will have to win at least a few more wins to feel calm. The coach Steve Bruce relies primarily on domestic events from which come most of the earned points. As guests Hull recorded only two wins - first at the beginning of the season and the second before 9 rounds. With injures in the camp of Hull City are Liam Rosenior, James Chester, Mohamed Diame and Robert Snodgrass.

Recommended bet: 1 @ 2.05 at bet365

Monday, February 23, 2015

Persepolis vs Saba Qom

In a match of the 21st round of the season in the Pro League in Iran, the team of Persepolis Tehran welcomes home the team of Saba Qom. That is another nice chance for you to gain some sure profit, so use our football picks adviced by soccer-stats and win big!

The players of the hosts from Persepolis Tehran occupy the 9th position in the ranking with an asset of 25 points, 7 victories, 4 draws and 9 losses from early in the season, played in 20 games with a goal difference of 20:23. In front of their own fans, the team has played 10 matches so far, in which there have been 2 wins, 4 draws, and 4 losses, with a total goal difference of 10:13.

The team of the guests from Saba Qom occupied the 8th place in the table with 25 points after 6 wins, 7 draws, 7 losses in the season as in a total of 20 matches played there is a goal difference of 21:24. Both teams are almost equal - it is obvious not for the experts only. As a guest, the team has had 10 meetings so far, in which it has had 2 wins, 5 draws and 3 losses, scored 10 goals in the opponent`s door, and has allowed it to score 13 goals in its door.

In the last 10 fights in all tournaments the team of Persepolis Tehran has had 3 wins, 1 draw and 6 losses with a goal difference of 8:11. In the previous 5 home games, the team has had 1 win, 1 draw and 3 losses. These hosts have made 5 hits in the door of their rivals and received 7.

In its previous 10 fights in all tournaments the team of Saba Qom has had 3 wins, 3 draws and 4 losses, with a total goal difference of 9:11. In their previous 5 matches away from home the team has had 2 wins, 1 draw and 2 defeats. These guests have made 4 goals in door of their opponents and have gotten 5.

In the previous two home games, the team of Persepolis Tehran has had two consecutive losses. In the last 9 played matches between the two teams, the team of the Persepolis Tehran has had 3 wins and Saba Qom also has had 3 victories. In 3 matches both teams have finished in a tie at a total goal difference of 12:12. In the previous 4 meetings in front of their supporters with the team of Saba Qom, Tehran Persepolis players have had 2 wins and 2 defeats.

Our football prediction is 1X.

Athletic Bilbao vs Espanyol

In the first match of the semifinals in the tournament for the Cup of the King Athletic Bilbao welcomes Espanyol. Both teams will throw all the powers in their attempts to reach the finish line in the race, as this appears to be their only way to qualify for the European competitions next season. The hosts have won the Cup of the King in Spain 23 times and the guests have triumphed 4 times in the tournament. One thing is for sure - you`d better not skip that match, because it is going to be pretty interesting! You can watch it on the TV or live stream, it is all up to you.

Athletic Bilbao
The team was routed 5:2 at home over the weekend by Barcelona at a meeting of the Spanish Championship, thus cut off a series of four matches without a loss. Athletic Bilbao is very wobbly from the start of the season and is in the bottom half of the table in La Liga. In front of its fans recorded only one win in the last six games of 'San Mames`. Due to a penalty, the duel will be missed by one of the main advocates of the team Ajmerik Laporte.

The team lost with the final result adviced by www.soccer-stats.org of 1:2 to Valencia at the weekend at a meeting of La Liga, as this was the third consecutive loss for the team. Espanyol has a very poor performance in his previous visits, having earned only two wins - one in La Liga and one in the tournament for the Cup of the King. With punishment for this meeting are two of the major proponents of the team - Alvaro Gonzalez and Victor Alvarez. And the question remains the participation was Abraham.
See what has happened in the latest 6 direct meetings between both teams:

Athletic Bilbao vs. Espanyol - 3:1
Athletic Bilbao vs. Espanyol - 1:2
Espanyol vs. Athletic Bilbao - 3:2
Athletic Bilbao vs. Espanyol - 0:4
Espanyol vs. Athletic Bilbao - 3:3
Athletic Bilbao vs. Espanyol - 3:3

Athletic Bilbao won once this season against the team of Espanyol with a 3:1 on 'San Mames`. This happened during the month of November at the Summit of La Liga. And before this match, guests from Catalonia were in a series of seven matches without a loss against the Basques. The hosts will try to take advantage before the second leg, and therefore the most reasonable bet is for their victory. And that is exactly our soccer forecast - 1.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Elche - Atletico Madrid

At the meeting of the 14th round of Spanish La Liga, Elche come out against champions Atletico Madrid. The odds from the bookmaker bet365 are as follows: victory of the hosts is taking at 7.00; equality is estimated at 3.75 and win for Atletico Madrid is 1.57.

Elche is in the relegation zone at the 19th place with 10 points and goal difference 12-27. The hosts are the second team with most weak defence in La Liga. The team finished 0:0 with Valladolid for the King`s Cup this week, leaving a good impression with their game. And overall in their last five meetings conceded just one defeat. In six matches played as host, Elche has one win, two draws and three losses.

Atletico Madrid continued the pursuit of the leaders in La Liga - Real Madrid and Barcelona. Champions are in the 3rd place with 29 points and goal difference 25-12. They won against the amateur L Hospitalet in Copa del Rey last week with 3:0. This recorded a fourth consecutive success in all competitions. Atletico Madrid is in very good shape. In their last ten games have nine wins and only one loss. In their six visitsthey had three wins, one draw and two defeats.

Last direct meetings:
Atletico Madrid - Elche 2:0
Elche - Atletico Madrid 0:2
Elche - Atletico Madrid 5:1
Atletico Madrid - Elche 4:0
Elche - Atletico Madrid 2:1

Soccer prediction analyzed by soccer predictions for Elche - Atletico Madrid: 2
Security: 7/10
Odds: 1.57 at bet365

Aston Villa - Liverpool

Aston Villa takes Liverpool in a match of the 22nd round of the Premier League this Saturday at "Villa Park" in Birmingham. The odds for the game offered by the leading bookmaker Bet365 are as follows: 4.50 for a home win, 3.60 for a draw and 1.90 for the victory of the guests. Judge of the meeting will be Mark Clattenburg. In the first game between the two teams this season at "Anfield", Aston Villa surprised the hosts and took the victory with the minimum 1:0.

Aston Villa lost his visit to Leicester in the final round with 1:0 and recorded sixth straight game without a win in the Premier League. Despite the poor series, Aston Villa remains above the relegation zone on the 13th place with 22 points and this is because of their strong start to the season. Paul Lambert must take measures for the performance of his team; otherwise Villa will fall again into battle for survival just like in the last 2 seasons. Fabian Delph will return after suspension, but a red card against Leicester receives Kieran Clarke and he will miss this household. Ron Vlaar and Libor Kozak miss the game due to injuries, while Chris Herd is with his national team and also will be not available for Paul Lambert. The new addition Carles Gil is likely to get a starting place on the left flank of the attack and will support the other two strikers - Christian Benteke and Andreas Weimann.

Probable composition: Brad Guzan, Alan Hutton, Jores Okore, Nathan Baker, Aly Cissokho, Ashley Westwood, Carlos Sanchez, Fabian Delph, Carles Gil, Andreas Weimann, Christian Benteke;

Liverpool won against Sunderland in the last round. Lazar Markovic`s goal brought the victory for the Reds with 1:0 in the "Stadium of Light". The team of Brendan Rodgers made a very strong first half in which took the lead, but in the second part with even one more player on the pitch; Liverpool was about to miss the victory. However, they have shown great progress and already scoring goals much easier. Before the trip to "Villa Park", the problems facing Brendan Rodgers are connected with injuries of the captain Steven Gerrard and Adam Lallana. Both are questionable for the game, while firmly out because of various injuries are Joe Allen, Brad Jones, Glen Johnson, Daniel Sturridge and Jon Flanagan. Kolo Toure will participate in the tournament of the African Nations Cup with his country Ivory Coast. Raheem Sterling returned to the composition after get a break in the last round. He will partner in attack with Fabio Borini, who gets a chance for expression in the second consecutive match.

Probable composition: Simon Mignolet, Emre Can, Martin Skrtel, Mamadou Sakho, Lazar Markovic, Jordan Henderson, Lucas Leiva, Alberto Moreno, Raheem Sterling, Philippe Coutinho, Fabio Borini;

Liverpool`s recent form is good. The team has progresses, especially in attack and will come out at the "Villa Park" as a great favorite. When we look at the poor form of Aston Villa recently, our forecast via soccer predictions is for the success of the guests at odds of 1.90 at bet365.

Prediction Aston Villa - Liverpool: 2
Security: 7/10
Odds: 1.90 at bet365

Real Sociedad - Rayo Vallecano

Real Sociedad takes Rayo Vallecano in a meeting of the 19th round of the Spanish Primera Division. The match of "Anoeta" will be played this Saturday 17.01.2015. Both teams are neighbours in the standings of La Liga. Guests are on the 11th place with 20 points collected and the hosts are one position behind - 12th place with 19 points. At bet365.com we can find various factors and options to bet on this match. Victory for Real Sociedad is 1.90, with a draw at 3.50 and the chance of success for Rayo Vallecano is estimated at 4 20.

Real Sociedad finished with a draw at home this week against Villarreal in the Copa del Rey (2:2) and were eliminated from the race. In the previous round of La Liga, the team made a draw of 1:1 during his visit to Granada. In the last seven games in all competitions, they had only one loss and six of the matches ended under 2.5 goals. David Moyes will not be able to rely on the injured defender Carlos Martinez and with question is another defender Joseba Zaldua. The scorer of Real Sociedad Carlos Vela is in great shape and will seek his eighth goal of the season.

Rayo Vallecano suffered a home loss with 0:1 by Cordoba in the previous round of La Liga. The team won once in their last seven games in all competitions. As a guest, Rayo Vallecano is very dangerous and surprised a lot teams till this moment. In nine matches played away from home, Rayo Vallecano has four wins, one draw and four defeats. With injuries in their camp is David Cobeno, but the most serious problem for the coach Paco Jemez will be the absence of the injured goal scorer - Leo Baptistao.

Last six direct meetings:
Real Sociedad - Rayo Vallecano 2:3
Real Sociedad - Rayo Vallecano 0:1
Rayo Vallecano - Real Sociedad 1:0
Rayo Vallecano - Real Sociedad 0:2
Real Sociedad - Rayo Vallecano 4:0
Real Sociedad - Rayo Vallecano 4:0

Prediction Real Sociedad - Rayo Vallecano: 1
Security: 8/10
Odds: 1.90 at bet365

Swansea - Chelsea

Swansea meets the leader Chelsea in a match of the 22nd round of the Premier League this Saturday at the "Liberty Stadium" in Wales. The odds for the game offered by the leading bookmaker Bet365 are as follows: 7.00 for a home win, 4.20 for equality and 1.55 for the victory of the guests. Judge of the meeting will be Jonathan Moss. In the first game between the two teams this season at "Stamford Bridge", we watched a real goals show in that home victory for Chelsea finished with 4:2.

Swansea took a point in the last round against West Ham. Swans trailing on the score at the break, but showed character in the second half and reached the 1:1 draw. Swansea continued to reinforce good impressions in the season, as they are on the 9th place with 30 points, close to places giving entitlement to participate in tournaments. Before the game against Chelsea, Garry Monk has serious problems in the offensive plan. Leading scorer Wilfried Bony is with his national team and participate in the Cup of Africa and after that he will be transferred to the champions Manchester City. Ki Sung Yong also presents his homeland, but in the race of Asia. Jefferson Montero is with injury, while the offensive midfielder Jonjo Shelvey is suspended. Bafetimbi Gomis will lead the attack of swans and in the second half, the new acquisition of Swansea - Nelson Oliveira will have a chance for expression.

Probable composition: Lukasz Fabianski, Jazz Richards, Federico Fernandez, Ashley Williams, Neil Taylor, Tom Carroll, Leon Britton, Nathan Dyer, Gylfi Sigurosson, Wayne Routledge, Bafetimbi Gomis.

Chelsea won against Newcastle in the last round with 2:0. With this victory, Blues interrupted a bad series in which they entered in the festive period. After the win over the Magpies, Chelsea came out on top with 2 points advantage after the draw of Manchester City with Everton. Before the important visit of Swansea, Jose Mourinho has to resolve some problems in the composition. Cesar Azpilicueta is injured and will be replaced on the left back of faltering Brazilian Felipe Luis. Petr Cech will remain at the door after his good performances against Newcastle, but mainly because of the injury to the holder under the frame Thibaut Courtois. Gary Cahill will recover his partnership with John Terry in the central defence at the expense of Kurt Zouma, who played in the last round and presented a good level. Jose Mourinho is considering the removing from the composition the Brazilian Oscar, which is in poor shape lately. If this happens, Cesc Fabregas will get an offensive role near the scorer Diego Costa In midfield, the Brazilian Ramirez will partner to Nemanja Matic.

Probable composition: Petr Cech, Branislav Ivanovic, Gary Cahill, John Terry, Felipe Luis, Nemanja Matic, Ramirez, Willian, Cesc Fabregas, Eden Hazard, Diego Costa;

Swansea has serious problems in the offensive plan, because of the absence of key players. In a view of this, Garry Monk will rely on a tight defensive game and will rely on the goalkeeper Lukasz Fabianski, who makes a great season.

Soccer Tip 1: Swansea - Chelsea - under 2.5 goals
Security: 7/10
Odds: 1.80 at bet365

Soccer Tip 2: Swansea - Chelsea - 2
Security: 7/10
Odds: 1.55 at bet365

Soccer Tip 3: Wincast market at Betfair (10.00 return)
First scorer: Diego Costa + Chelsea victory
Security: 5/10
Odds: 4.33